New Dining Chairs Idea

What a lovely day it’s been in the village today… the whole weekend was been fantastic, actually – It almost felt like spring outside!

Halloween is over and November is here. It sure did seem to fly by! We didn’t get any kids to our house this year so a lot of leftover candy was eaten (Okay, all of it!)

I’m really excited to share some news with you all today! My favourite store Wicker Emporium recently asked me to be a monthly contributor on their blog! This is so exciting for me as I have loved this store for years, and have many of their items in my own home. I told them I was in the market for dining chairs, and they were kind enough to send me some to feature on my blog – I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Although my former Windsor chairs were beautiful, I was unable to use the captain chairs at the ends of my harvest table due to lack of space, or on the sides since the arms wouldn’t fit underneath the table. I had my ‘dream’ dining chairs pictured in my mind, and was at the point of being ready to splurge on them. Don’t get me wrong – you know I bargain, thrift, and create whenever and wherever I can – but when it comes to something I absolutely ADORE with a lot of impact – I’m willing to spend a little more, and was preparing to find six perfect chairs for our dining table!

By the way, the old chairs went to very a good home. When my mother stopped by for a weekend visit, she asked if she could have the chairs. I was planning on selling them, but to give them to someone who has done and still does so much for me makes me so happy to see her happy. She loves her new chairs!

Wicker Emporium has, of course, been known of their Wicker goods since they first opened in the early 70′s. In more recent years however, they’ve been adding more and more BEAUTIFUL larger furniture pieces to their collection. From contemporary, to shabby chic, to rustic – there is something for any space.

I was very excited to discover they are going to offer online shopping soon! This is so fantastic since their current locations reside in Atlantic Canada and Ontario.

I selected the Natural Jasper Side Chairs for my dining table. I had been coveting chairs of this style for a long time now. I wanted to add a bit of sophistication to my rustic table ever since I gave it a makeover! I think the combination turned out beautifully.

The structure and tufting of these chairs are so gorgeous… but I think the linen-like grey upholstery and light white washed wood won me over! I am a sucker for light weathered wood. Wicker Emporium feeds my need for this! Even their new Christmas stock has plenty of light white-washed country accessories. I can’t wait to head back to pick out some Christmas decorations!

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I’m so excited about my new chairs.. it feels like Christmas every time I enter the dining area.

What are some key pieces you are willing to splurge on in your home?

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Have a wonderful day!

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