Best Battery Chainsaw

Battery chainsaws are a little bit different than the other products on the market. You need to think about how long the battery runs, as well as how powerful it is, and how much weight the tool carries. Battery-powered chainsaws are perfect for doing lighter work around the yard but finding the right tool is key.

The wrong product won’t just jeopardize the quality of your work; it can also put your health at risk. The best battery chainsaw will be safe and effective. Read on for some in-depth reviews and handy buyers guide that will help make your buying decisions easier.


My Battery Powered Chainsaw Reviews

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1. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Battery Operated Chainsaw

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If you are interested in a good cordless chainsaw, or any great cordless tool for that matter you probably are going to want to take a close look at this Greenworks product.

Greenworks makes some of the best battery-powered tools out there. This unit shows why they remain a top-shelf brand. The battery life is spectacular and the motor is powerful enough to work through moderately sized trees and most bushes and hedges.

It’s also extremely sturdy. If you’re looking for a durable and effective piece of equipment you will definitely want o look into this high-end unit.

That said, it’s also one of the most expensive units on the list. If you are on a budget this won’t be the product you gravitate towards.

Buyers will also want to note that this is one of the heavier tools on our list.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw Demo and Review

Additional Specification

  • Best for: Longer life
  • Chain Length: 16-Inch
  • Voltage: 40 volts
  • Key Features: Up to 150 Cuts
  • Weight: 10.36 pounds

What We Like:

  • Greenworks is the cream of the crop when it comes to battery-powered tools. This product is a great example of why.
  • A great chainsaw for women since it’s lightweight.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s on the heavier side.
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2. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

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The Black and Decker is a sturdy piece of equipment that comes at a moderate price. My personal favorite feature is the fact that it is part of the interchangeable battery system.

That means that if you have any other compatible Black and Decker products you will be able to swap out the batteries, extending the consecutive length of time you can use your cordless chainsaw.

That’s great because the battery life definitely leaves something to be desired. When you put this unit to task on tougher stuck the battery dies really quickly.

Additional Specification

  • Best for: Interchangeable battery system
  • Chain Length: 10-Inch
  • Voltage: 20 volts
  • Weight: 7.2 Pounds
  • Key features: Lightweight design

What We Like:

  • My favorite thing about this unit is that it is a part of the Black and Decker interchangeable battery system.
  • This means that if you have a different Black and Decker product the batteries will all work.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The battery life is pretty shoddy, especially when the unit is put to the test.
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3. EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

EGO Power+ CS1600
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The EGO is a moderately priced chainsaw that features a decent battery and a comfortable grip. These features make it easy to use the product for long periods of time without physical repercussions.

The battery will give you anywhere from 30-45 minutes of use making it a great option for people that are trying to get a lot of yard work done consecutively.

Unfortunately, though, it’s not the type of chainsaw you will reach for if you’re looking to take out larger trees. It’s a light-duty tool that will probably putter out if put under serious duress.

Additional Specification

  • Best for: Easy to use
  • Chain Length: 16-Inch
  • Voltage: 56 volts
  • Weight: 8.69 Pounds
  • Key features: Hi-efficiency Brushless motor

What We Like:

  • I was partial to the comfortable grip. You shouldn’t have any problem at all comfortably using this product for long periods of time.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This unit is better at hedging than it is at taking out full trees. It’s just not powerful enough for heavy-duty use.
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4. DEWALT DCCS690M1 40V 4AH Brushless Chainsaw

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DeWalt is one of the best power tool companies on the market. This particular unit is distinguished for its powerful brushless motor. The brushless factor ensures longevity while the power will allow you to do anything from felling trees to working through bushes and hedges.

It’s a super durable unit that will be great for serious amateurs with a large property or even professionals. However, the price is somewhat restrictive. If you don’t have a bunch of money to allocate to this purchase this won’t be the chainsaw for you.

Additional Specification

  • Best for: Smooth cuts
  • Chain Length: 16-Inch
  • Voltage: 40 volts
  • Weight: 18.7 pounds
  • Key features: Chain brake

What We Like:

  • DeWalt makes some of the best tools on the market. This unit is no exception. In fact, it may very well be the most powerful unit on our list.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There is a value concern. You can get a similar set of features for less money.
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5. Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

Oregon Cordless 1
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The Oregan provides plenty to like. This unit maintains itself with self-sharpening blades and a self-oiling chain. It features a large shaft for effortlessly working through bigger trees and bushes and a durable build that will improve its chances of going the distance.

This is another chainsaw that is equally suitable to the needs of serious do it yourselfers or even professionals. However, you do have to be willing to pay for that level of quality. This is one of the most expensive units on the market. The quality certainly justifies the price but it is still a lot to handle.

You will also want to keep in mind that the battery life leaves something to be desired. When put to task the battery of the tool may die within a half hour or so.

Additional Specification

  • Best for: Trees and limbs
  • Chain Length: 16-Inch
  • Voltage: 40 volts
  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Key features: Brushless motor

What We Like:

  • This unit is a low-maintenance piece of equipment that sharpens and oils itself. If you want a good, low-maintenance tool this may be the one for you.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The battery life is not outstanding.
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6. Ryobi P546 10 in. ONE+ Cordless Battery Chainsaw

Ryobi P546 10 in.
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If you need a light-duty piece of gear the Ryobi will be a great tool to look at. It features a lightweight build and a ten-inch bar that will be perfect for working with bushes and hedges.

Assuming you only have a limited range of things to accomplish, this will be a good piece of equipment for your needs.

However, it has its limitations. When people think chainsaws, they think about cutting down trees, right? This product probably won’t be able to do that. The Ryobi is best used for lighter tasks. If that fits your intentions for the tool then, by all means, go for it!

However, if you need something with a lot of juice, this one won’t cut the mustard.

Additional Specification

  • Best for: Easy adjustments
  • Chain Length: 10-Inch
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • Weight: 7.48 pounds
  • Key features: Push-button oiler

What We Like:

  • The Ryobi is an affordable piece of equipment that buyers on a budget will be sure to appreciate.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This is a light-duty piece of equipment. It’s not very durable and doesn’t feature enough juice to work with tougher stock.
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7. Zombi ZCS5817 16-Inch Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Zombi ZCS5817
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The Zombi is one of the best units on this list for buyers that need to get a lot of juice for a fair price. It’s a powerful unit that will be able to work through heavy trees and bristle. The bar of the unit (the component that comes into direct contact with the workpiece) is also super durable which will help it to operate for long periods of time without major issues.

The one thing I took issue with was the construction of the grip and motor component. If it takes a spill, this tool will probably meet its end. The warranty does help with that somewhat. You get three years of coverage from the company which is pretty substantial when all things are considered. However, it’s ultimately better to get a tool that won’t break in the first place, right?

Still, if you want an effective power tool (with an awesome name, I might add) this will be one to pay serious attention to.

Additional Specification

  • Best for: Heavy trees & bristle
  • Chain Length: 16-Inch
  • Voltage: 58 volts
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Key features: Battery & charger included

What We Like:

  • This tool is awesome. You get lots of power for a very moderate price and let’s be real. The name is pretty awesome also.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s not the most durable unit in the world. The warranty will help with that, but it is still a little fragile.
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8. Scotts LCS31224S 12 in. 24-Volt Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

 Scotts LCS31224S
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The Scotts is a decent product for the amateur that needs something reliably consistent. The motor I such that you won’t have trouble working with tougher stock. It’s one of the few amateur-oriented chainsaws that you will be able to use to knock out small trees.

Granted, it will probably ultimately do better with hedges and bushes. However, it’s not so limited that you can’t put it to the test every once in a while.

The grip is also designed to be comfortable which is great for people who anticipate using their tool for hours at a time.

So, what’s the problem? Let’s call it scalability. The unis features will hold out just fine for occasional use. However, if you wind up putting it to the task against the tougher stock for long periods of time it will be sure to poop out.

The battery will die fairly quickly when it’s faced against harder woods. The quality of the tool’s build may also disintegrate over time.

It’s not a bad piece of equipment but it was also never meant for pro-grade use and that may be eliminated for some people.

Additional Specification

  • Best for: Fast-charge system
  • Chain Length: 12-Inch
  • Voltage: 24 volts
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds
  • Key features: Charger included

What We Like:

  • It’s a comfortable product you won’t have much trouble using for hours at a time.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s not great for long-term heavy-duty use.
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9. Makita XCU03PT1(36V)Cordless 14″ Battery Chain Saw

Makita XCU03PT1
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Makita is one of the best brands on the market. This tool goes a long way towards demonstrating why that is. It features a sizable fourteen-inch bar that will make it well suited for working with larger stock. It also features a comfortable grip that will make it good for long periods of use.

If you are looking for a tough piece of equipment that will do well to satisfy your long-term needs this will be a good tool to keep in mind.

My real concern was one of value. This is really more of an amateur tool. However, for the amount of money you could spend here you can easily get a high-quality tool that will last longer.

To learn more about the Top Makita Chainsaw in the Market, click here.

Additional Specification

  • Best for: High chain speed
  • Chain Length: 14-Inch
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • Weight: 21.83 Pounds
  • Key features: 2 Free Batteries

What We Like:

  • It’s another consistently reliable chainsaw. The unit comes with a comfort grip and a fourteen-inch bar that will make it good for working through the tougher stock.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s not great for heavy-duty work. For the money, you spend here you could definitely get something with a lot more juice in the motor.
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10. Earthwise LCS35814 14-Inch Battery Operated Chainsaw

Earthwise LCS35814
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We close the list out with something that is a little bit more average. At a glance, the Earthwise looks just fine. It features a sturdy build, a long bar, a decent battery, and a brushless motor. All features that will set you up for long-term yardwork success.

My real problem with the tool is that even though it’s effective in its way, it does suffer a little bit in terms of its utter plainness. The unit isn’t extremely durable. The battery won’t stand up very well to heavy-duty use, and the overall construction of the machine just doesn’t impress.

Bottom line? It’s not a bad piece of equipment but for the money, you can definitely get something better.

Additional Specification

  • Best for: Smooth cuts
  • Chain Length: 14-Inch
  • Voltage: 58 volts
  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Key features: Battery & charger included

What We Like:

  • It’s a decent product at a fair price.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It doesn’t really wow in any department.
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Battery Powered Chainsaw Buyer Guide

Factors to Take Into Account When Buying Battery Chainsaw

You’ve read our battery chainsaw reviews. Have you decided on the best cordless chainsaw? If not, it may help to pay attention to some buying considerations. A good cordless chainsaw will meet all your needs, so read on for some buying considerations that will help make your decision easier.

Battery Chainsaw

Variable Speed Trigger

A chainsaw is not as clunky and crude as it may first appear. The unit is powered by a motor, and motors can often vary in how they perform. For example, you may decide that you need a high level of speed for some tasks, and a lower level of speed for others.

That being the case it is to your benefit to invest in something that features a variable speed trigger. A good variable speed trigger will make your tool much more versatile.

Chainsaw Tensioning

Chainsaws do require a little bit of maintenance and upkeep. The more you can automate the better off you will be.

Products that feature automatic chainsaw tensioning will certainly be your friend. Tool-free chains make things much easier. The nice thing is that you also don’t have to pay more for tool-free chains.

Tool-free chains are a pretty constant feature on the chainsaw market now.

There is no guarantee you’ll get one but chances are pretty decent that any tool you consider will include this feature.


You also want to pay attention to how much juice you get from a single charge. The longer the battery life the more useful your tool will ultimately be. How long can you expect your chainsaw lithium-ion battery to last? It ultimately depends on the product itself.

Really great units can go for about an hour. However, no matter what you will always be limited by the type of work you are doing. For example, if you are working on some hedges, you might get the full our long battery life.

On the other hand, if you are trying to cut down a tree the battery life is going to die pretty quickly.

For that reason, it is always a good idea to invest in several batteries. That way you don’t have to pause your job for hours while you wait on a recharge.

Some companies, like Black and Decker, make all of their batteries compatible. That means if you have a weed eater and a chainsaw you will be able to use their batteries interchangeably.

This is a great way to get a ton of bang for your buck while also maximizing the efficiency of all your tools.

Safety Features

Unfortunately, chainsaws are fairly limited in what they can accomplish in terms of safety features. The exposed blade, the high-powered motor, and the handheld nature of the product all account for a tool that features a good deal of built-in risk.

However, there are a few safety features that can make it easier to use your chainsaw without risk.

For example, electric brakes are one of the best safety features you can get with any saw. With this feature, the saw blades will deactivate immediately the moment you stop activating them. This means if there is a problem, you can immediately rectify the situation.

Some are also designed to reduce kickback. Chainsaw kickback occurs when the blade hits a snag and tends to bounce around recklessly. Major injuries can ensue. To maximize your own safety and the safety of others you will want to find something that can maximize the efficiency of a tool.

Blade Length

The length of the blade will ultimately determine what sort of stock you can work with. Longer blades will be great for cutting down big trees while shorter blades are great for hedging bushes. In any case, the product will be powerful and effective but the length will determine the amount of utility you have on your hands

As a general rule of them, you typically wind up getting more utility out of bigger chainsaw blades. Why? A big chainsaw can cut through large trees and small hedges. A small chainsaw cannot. The more your chainsaw can accomplish, the better served you will ultimately be.

Is there any reason not to get the biggest chainsaw blade you can find? Maybe one. A smaller chainsaw will be a little bit safer to use. A bigger chainsaw can be hard to wield which might jeopardize the safety of the beginner.

As with any power tool, never select a chainsaw you aren’t completely confident in your ability to handle.

Cuts Per Charge

The best way to analyze the effectiveness of your chainsaw is to look into the cuts per charge rating. For example, a chainsaw might state that it gets thirty every time you charge the battery.

However, the actual number will always vary. For example, making one cut on a tree could be the effort equivalent of making five or even ten cuts on a twiggy bush.

The harder you push your chainsaw, the quicker the battery will die. Even really good batteries are going to die eventually, and usually eventually will come sooner than you prefer. However, knowing what you can expect from your chainsaw per charge will help you to efficiently plan your work.

Why Electric?

At some point, you may begin to wonder why in the first place? After all, battery-driven units have their limitations especially when you compare them to the uncompromising utility and power of a gas-powered unit.

There are a few reasons to go for something with a battery. For one thing, they tend to be quieter, safer, and more affordable. If you are looking for something that won’t completely bother your neighbors a battery-driven unit is going to better serve your needs.

Depending on where you live an electric powered chainsaw may also be your only option. Why? In states like California, a gas-powered chainsaw is literally illegal. It’s a matter of maintaining emission standards.

Some states are very protective of the environment, which is good both for mother earth and for electric chainsaw companies.

No matter where you live though if taking care of the planet is important to you, you’ll be sure to appreciate the utility and overall effectiveness of a battery-powered chainsaw. Bottom line? Despite limitations, the battery-powered chainsaw is a good piece of equipment that you will be fortunate to get your hands on.


The weight of a chainsaw will also have a big impact on your overall user experience. This is a handheld tool which means that you are probably going to want to pick up something that is as lightweight as it gets. However, there are also other factors that you need to keep in mind.

For example, chainsaw batteries tend to add weight to tools. That being the case no matter what, you are going to have a couple of pounds from the power source alone.

The motor is also going to have an impact on the overall weight of the tool. For example, more powerful chainsaws tend to weigh a good deal more than lighter-duty units. Understanding what sort of cordless chainsaw you need will help you to pick the right product for your needs.

The right cordless chainsaw will be hefty enough to perform a wide range of tasks while also being lightweight enough to be used comfortably.


An ergonomic cordless chainsaw will make it much easier to use your tools for long periods of time. An ergonomic cordless chainsaw isn’t exactly hard to come by these days. Ergonomics is increasingly being recognized as an important factor.

Manufacturers have taken to recognize this. Consequently, the majority of newer chainsaws hitting the scene are made with ergonomics in mind. That being the case it isn’t particularly hard to find a cordless chainsaw that features an ergonomic grip.

However, you will want to make sure that the feature is present in the chainsaw you look into. It’s not completely ubiquitous which means that not every chainsaw you look into will include it as a feature.


As you probably noticed many of the chainsaws on our list feature a wide range of different prices. Ideally, you will want to find a chainsaw that is available at a reasonable price.

The typical chainsaw will probably cost several hundred dollars. This buys you a great piece of equipment that will last for a long period of time on a wide range of different tasks.

However, if you aren’t planning on investing in a piece of equipment that will operate at a prograde level you will be able to get a much better deal on something in the $100 range.

This buys you a chainsaw that is better suited for hedging and other smaller tasks. Ultimately, it all depends on the sort of jobs you anticipate doing.


Some chainsaws can adapt to perform a wide range of different tasks. For example, there are some units that can be reworked to attach to a pole saw. Others can be adjusted to make them easier to use for hedging.

The more utility you can get out of your chainsaw, the better served you will ultimately be.

Brand Name

There are many great cordless chainsaw brands out there. Greenworks is particularly well known for making high-performing eco-friendly yard equipment that consistently gets the job done well. However, their products also tend to come with fairly lofty price tags.

As you scour the market for the right cordless chainsaw for your needs, you will want to find a reliable option that still doesn’t break the bank. In this guide, we look at a multitude of options, each with its own specialty.


Finally, a brief word about safety. In addition to onboard safety features, there are certain steps you can take with your chainsaw to avoid serious issues. Always make sure you wear safety goggles when operating your cordless chainsaw.

Safety gloves can similarly go a long way towards helping to prevent injury. The best safety tactic is always vigilance though. Pay attention to your surroundings, and never operate a cordless chainsaw impaired.

Remember, chainsaws are among the most dangerous power tools in existence. However, with the right safety techniques, you can sharply curb the risk factor.


If you like what you saw then great. Maybe you’ve already decided on the perfect chainsaw for your needs. If you haven’t quite dialed in on the right tool yet, it may help to pay special attention to a few units on our list.

Buyers that have a little bit of coin to throw towards this purchase will gravitate towards the Greenworks. However, if you are trying to save money on a good chainsaw you may decide on something else, like the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw.

Of course, this is a top ten list. That means pretty much all of the products here are in the best-in-class category.

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