The best hybrid saws strike a beautiful balance between power and portability. Generally, this means they should be lightweight or have a built-in cart to make moving them more manageable. However, portability is about more than just weight and wheels. We’ll help you decide which features you need, so you can buy your perfect hybrid table saw.


Hybrid Table Saw Reviews Under $1000

We reviewed five of the top-rated hybrid table saws on the market right now. Every saw on this list is powerful, portable, and packed with bonus features you’ll love.

Milwaukee M18-Fuel Saw

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this saw has it all. It’s lightweight, making it easy to move from one location to another. While other saws may sacrifice power for portability, the Milwaukee M18-Fuel 2736-21HD table saw packs both.

Coming in at 6300 RPMs, this is the most powerful saw on this list. As if that weren’t enough, it does all this on battery power.

Key Specifications

  • Rip Capacity: 24-1/2“
  • Max. Cross-Cut: 2-1/2“
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • RPM: 6300

What We Love

  • This saw is insanely powerful. It offers higher RPMs than any other saw on this list. What’s even more impressive is that it maintains this power on battery.
  • Did we mention that it’s cordless? The Milwaukee HD12.0 battery pack promises a full day of work on just one charge. It doesn’t get much more portable than that.
  • Milwaukee’s ONE-KEY app provides integrated tool tracking, including performance information, to help you keep track of your tools and stay on top of maintenance.

What We Don’t

  • The Milwaukee table saw is the most expensive saw on this list. While the included features certainly justify the cost, you’re probably also paying a little extra for the industry name.
  • There aren’t any built-in wheels or legs, so you have to have a sturdy, level tabletop to put it on. The lack of legs makes it somewhat less portable than other saws on this list.

The Verdict

The Milwaukee M18-Fuel table saw is a monster of a hybrid saw. It’s the most powerful saw on this list, whether on battery or plugged in, and it includes technological upgrades that others can’t match.

It’s at the top end of the price range of this list, but the included battery alone makes it worth the extra cost if you can spend it.

Evolution RAGE5-S 10” Multi-Material Saw

The Evolution RAGE5-S hybrid saw includes a 255-millimeter tungsten carbide-tipped blade that can cut through more materials than your average contractor table saw.

This saw can cut plastic without burning melting, steel with minimal sparking, and even wood with embedded nails without switching blades. 

Key Specifications

  • Rip Capacity: 25-1/2”
  • Max. Cross-Cut: 3-1/4“
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • RPM: 2500

What We Love

  • This saw is the most versatile one on our list, designed with multi-material use in mind. Other saws may melt plastic or struggle with steel, but this saw can take just about whatever you throw at it.
  • The integrated dust port allows you to connect it to a vacuum system (sold separately) to keep your workspace clean.
  • The wheeled frame collapses, making it both portable and storable. While many hybrid table saws have a cart of some sort, few are collapsible like this one is.

What We Don’t

  • Assembly is required, and the directions can be challenging to follow. If you’re operating a saw, you can certainly handle the assembly required, but it’s worth noting before buying.
  • In terms of power, this saw offers only 2500 RPMs, the fewest on this list. The RAGE5-S is likely to struggle on heavier jobs.

The Verdict

The RAGE5-S is a wonderfully versatile piece of power equipment, suitable for all but the most heavy-duty contractors. You can work with multiple materials without switching blades – even cutting wood with nails embedded – which is super convenient.

The vacuum port is a bonus. We recommend this saw if you find yourself switching blades to cut different materials frequently.

Dewalt Compact Jobsite Table Saw

The primary envy of this Dewalt portable table saw is its portability. It’s lightweight, coming in at 54 pounds with included accessories. Plus, it includes onboard storage for essentials like the miter gauge, push stick, blade guard, and even blade change wrenches.

This self-contained piece of equipment is ready to move from one site to the next whenever you are.

Key Specifications

  • Table Size: 
  • Rip Capacity: 24-1/2“
  • Max. Cross-Cut: 2-9/16”
  • Weight: 54 pounds
  • RPM: 5800

What We Love

  • The onboard storage is a unique and, frankly, underhyped feature. Everyone considers weight and wheels when considering portability but forgets about the accessories.
  • This Dewalt saw is insanely powerful – second only to our top pick, Milwaukee. Not many portable saws come in with RPMs this high. That’s not the last word on power, but it’s impressive all the same.
  • Every Dewalt saw comes with a three-year limited warranty, one year of free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Their service is top-notch.

What We Don’t

  • This saw obtains its portability by reducing its size – as well as its capacity. It’s at the bottom end of the cutting capacity of this list, with only 24-1/2“ of rip capacity and a maximum depth of 2-9/16”.
  • Without legs or wheels, you’ll need to make sure you have a work surface to set this on. If you’re on the go, that’s not always the reality.

The Verdict

If you’re searching for a table saw that’s easy to move often, you’ll undoubtedly be tempted to look at weight as a primary factor. It’s easy to overlook the inconvenience of having to account for a lot of extra accessories, too.

This Dewalt saw’s onboard storage features are so convenient that they make up for the lack of legs.

Bosch 4100XC-10 Worksite Table Saw 

When you think portable, chances are, you think small, but prepare to be surprised. The Bosch 4100XC-10 10” Worksite table saw is a large piece of machinery.

Weighing in at 94 pounds, this saw is the heftiest on our list. But it can also tackle jobs that the others can’t. This Bosch tool has a rip capacity of 30 inches – 4.5 inches wider than the next-widest saw on this list.

Key Specifications

  • Table Size: 
  • Rip Capacity: 30“
  • Max. Cross-Cut: 3-1/8“
  • Weight: 94 pounds
  • RPM: 3650

What We Love

  • This portable table saw has a rip capacity and cutting depth that rivals some of our built-in cabinet saws, giving you maximum job versatility.
  • The built-in cart and wheels make the Bosch arguably more portable than even some lighter options that you would have to lug around.
  • There’s no need to account for transporting the required accessories. This saw has onboard storage for all your essentials, which adds to the portability of this saw. 

What We Don’t

  • This saw is nearly double the weight of every other saw on this list. Even with the wheels, the Bosch is going to be a tough one to haul around.
  • The RPMs are surprisingly low. For any job that requires this much cutting capacity, the RPMs might fall a little short.

The Verdict

If you need a saw that you can take from one site to another, but the cutting capacity of other portable saws just won’t cut it, meet your new favorite piece of equipment. The Bosch 4100XC-10 can handle just about anything a built-in saw can, and it’s freestanding and portable.

It’s super heavy, so you may need a second set of arms to get it on board, but that’s a welcome trade-off for the power it offers.

SKIL TS6307-00 Table Saw

If you’re contending with a smaller, indoor workspace, the SKIL TS3607-00 table saw is perfect for you. This saw has a comparable rip capacity and cutting depth to some of the heftier contenders on this list.

However, its integrated foldable legs save tons of space. Plus, it has a dust port elbow to connect to a vacuum system, helping you keep your workspace clean. 

Key Specifications

  • Rip Capacity: 25-1/2“
  • Max. Cross-Cut: 3-1/2“
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • RPM: 4600

What We Love

  • For such a light piece of gear, the SKIL is surprisingly robust. Its RPMs fall right in the mid-range of all the saws on this list, and it’s frankly not far behind the top contenders.
  • You can connect the dust port elbow to a vacuum system to help keep your workspace clean as you’re working, minimizing clean-up during and after work.
  • The legs fold nearly flat, making this an excellent option for small workspaces. This is the most space-saving hybrid table saw on our list.

What We Don’t

  • It requires a bit of adjusting out of the box. If you’re a hobbyist or a new contractor, you may not feel comfortable with the kind of calibration necessary to get this up and running.
  • The foldable legs are a little less substantial than we would have liked, so be sure to examine them before each use.

The Verdict

If you’re working out of a small indoor workspace, most other table saws probably aren’t feasible, either because you lack space or they’re too messy. The SKIL solves both of these problems beautifully, with the foldable built-in legs and dust port.

This choice is great for a home hobbyist and powerful enough for a pro.

Features to Consider

With so many options to choose from, it’s best to hone in on one or two key features that are critical to the way you use (or plan to use) your new table saw. We considered a few different factors when comparing these options.

Hybrid table saw


The RPMs, or revolutions per minute, of a table saw indicate how fast the saw blade spins. Table saws generally run around 3200 RPMs, though this varies widely.

Nearly every saw on this list exceeds that number, except the Evolution. However, there’s more to a table saw’s power than how fast it spins.

Faster isn’t always better. Higher RPMs generally mean lower torque or force, which can mean a loss of performance with certain materials. Plus, the faster the blade spins, the more heat it generates. Too much heat can cause certain materials to melt or burn.

Some hybrid table saws maximize portability by minimizing weight, and this can mean a loss of performance. If you’re looking for a portable saw that can tackle anything, you may need the higher RPMs offered by Milwaukee or Dewalt. However, neither of these options have a built-in stand or cart, so they lose points on portability.

If, on the other hand, your jobs are typically lighter-duty, the lower RPMs of the Bosch and Evolution hybrid table saws may be precisely the tool you need. Power is more than just RPMs, of course, so don’t decide solely on that number. Generally, though, more portable means less powerful.

The SKIL strikes a really impressive balance between RPMs and other portability factors like weight and wheels. It falls right in the middle of all the saws we reviewed for RPMs, without a lot of added weight. If your jobs aren’t super heavy-duty, the SKIL may be just what you’re looking for in a table saw.


The average portable table saw comes in at around 70 pounds. Each saw on this list, except for the Bosch, weighs less than that. It would be easy to conclude that lighter is better, but that’s not always the case.

You may have a more challenging time carrying 45 pounds of dead weight in your arms compared to 100 pounds of weight on a balanced, wheeled cart. 

The Bosch, the heaviest on the list, has a built-in wheeled cart, making it possible to roll in and out of the job site like a wheelbarrow. The Milwaukee weighs only 55 pounds, but you’ll have to lug it yourself or have your own cart to move it. The Bosch at 94 pounds may be easier to move for some people or in certain situations.

The lightest hybrid table saw on this list, the SKIL has legs but no wheels. At 51 pounds, this is a reasonable amount of weight to lift for many people, but not everyone.

Table saw

Others may prefer a heavier model that’s made more maneuverable with a built-in wheeled cart. The Evolution strikes a good balance here, with its heavier weight offset by the convenience of the collapsible frame and wheels.


We’ve talked about weight and wheels, but that’s not all there is to consider when it comes to portability. While those factors determine how easy it is to move from one job site to another, you also have to consider usability once you get the saw to where it’s going.

The Bosch saw’s built-in cart with wheels, for example, makes it easy enough to move from one side of the workshop to the other or to the other side of the job site. Getting it onto and off of a truck, on the other hand, is generally going to be a two-person job. If you’re often working solo, then the Bosch may not be portable for you at all.

Likewise, the SKIL saw is heavier than most of the other models we compared, and it also lacks wheels. This certainly makes it more challenging to move from one site to the other and even to the opposite side of the room. However, its folding legs allow you to set it up virtually anywhere. If your typical worksite doesn’t have room for a full workbench, the SKIL may be your perfect match.

The Milwaukee hybrid table saw, our top pick out of all the options we considered, has no wheels or legs, and it’s heavy. You’ll have to carry it to and from your vehicle and the job site, and you’ll need somewhere to put it once you get it there. With these hurdles, you may wonder why we consider this to be our top pick for a portable hybrid table saw.

Every other option on our list, regardless of weight, wheels, or legs, must be plugged into a wall once you get to the job site. With its included HD12.0 battery pack, the Milwaukee gives you a full day of power, even off the grid. This makes the Milwaukee the epitome of versatility and our choice for the best hybrid table saw under $1000.

Table Saw Basics for Beginners


Our top pick overall, the Milwaukee table saw, boasts an industry-leading name and powerful features, but also a higher price tag than our other options. Before you buy a hybrid table saw, you should consider a few key features. Power, weight, and portability are our top factors but consider your unique needs when deciding.

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