For many new entrants into carpentry, choosing the right tools is a big challenge. This was my experience, as the marketplace is full of different brands and models all laying claim to great performance capabilities, but falling short of these promises.

Therefore, I had to rely on the advice of veterans in the trade to make the right choice that guarantees performance and to get value for my money.

Such advice was particularly important to me because I needed a tool that could handle a wide range of applications on different types of wood and give me the desired result. This was how I got introduced to the Dewalt DW 745 10″ Jobsite table saw.

Since I still do most jobs on-site, this workhorse of a tool has been handy for its moderate weight, trans-portability, dust control and overall quality output.

It has been my companion, enabling me to execute all jobs professionally to customers’ specifications and deliver jobs on time.

Based on this experience, I am now in a good position to advise and recommend this tool to young carpenters and other individuals with an interest in woodworking, with the perfect finish in mind.


Manufacturing Details

When it comes to the world of saws, and power tools in general, the DEWALT name goes a very long way. For a couple of decades, DEWALT has been one of the giants of portable table saws.

The company has some of the best portable table saws on the market, which should reassure you once you see its name inscribed on a product.

The DEWALT DW 745 goes a long way toward proving that the brand’s products are strong, reliable, and durable. However, all of this is accompanied by a peculiar design.

The table saw gained a lot of popularity in the market, and that is largely due to its 15A torque motor, the 20-inch rip ability, and the 10-inch blade. This tool has a lot of admirable features in addition to its affordable price.

Tool Power and Performance

The Dewalt DW 745 table saw boasts a 15-amp torque motor that suits a wide variety of jobs. From splitting hardwood to processed beams to pressure-treated planks, you can count on this tool to deliver.

The 10-inch blade is built to deliver up to 3850 RPM when it is not loaded, which is pretty good for a entry level table saw of its size. This allows for very clean cuts. Many other models deliver 4000 to 5000 RPM, but this tool is at an advantage.

This tool can effectively carry out small and medium-sized projects. This tool has a lot of torque. The blade can effectively perform a tilt of 45 degrees and a cut of 2.25 inches deep. At a 90-degree tilt, you can effectively achieve a cut of 3.13 inches.

The Tool Design

Design goes a long way in determining how a product will be appreciated. This tool has some nice design features, but also a number of design flaws. It has a specially designed telescopic fence.

This allows for the ripping of materials of up to 20 inches. The telescopic fence also allows for easy adaptation to your work environment, as you can adjust your tool in order to suit your work space.

One of the most appreciated parts of this product’s design is the ability to make adjustments without using tools.

This makes the model worthwhile. Considering the price, the design is very satisfactory. It was designed to serve not just professionals, but also amateurs, with its very easy-to-use attributes.

This model also has adjustable rear feet in order to increase efficiency on uneven work surfaces.

Maintenance Tips

Proper and frequent maintenance processes are what ensure the efficiency and increase the life expectancy of the product.

I ruined my newly first table saw by not taking proper care of it. That experience taught me the importance of maintenance. Luckily for a lot of people, unlike many other tools, this table saw does not require many maintenance checks.

It is vital to carry out checks for built-up dust on the table saw weekly. Getting an air compressor could help you with this. Use eye and nose covers to protect yourself.

If your tool ever breaks down, you should only consult certified service centers to avoid further damage. Always be sure to keep the blade of your table saw clean after usage. Lubricate the rotating parts and adjustment gears from time to time.

What We Like:

  • The tool is lightweight.
  • This tool has a five-inch dust collection port to keep your workplace clean.
  • Safety features are in place to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Easily adjustable rip fence to enhance accuracy and speedy performance.
  • This tool is very powerful and allows you to take on both small and medium-sized projects.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The tool’s plastic-top plate makes it less durable.
  • The miter gauge has too much tolerance.
  • It is advisable to get earplugs, as its motor is slightly noisy.
  • Dado blades cannot be used on this tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Dado Blade Be Used on This Tool?

No! A Dado blade cannot be used on the Dewalt DW 745 because its short arbor cannot accommodate the width of a Dado blade. Its built-in blade can only cut through 3/8″ at a time.

Does the Dewalt Dw 745 Come Along With a Blade?

Yes, it does come with a blade! Unlike some other table saws, you won’t have to bother with finding and buying the right blade after buying this tool.

How Can I Effectively Lower or Increase the Blade of My Dewalt Dw 745?

All you have to do is gently reach out for the wheel under the table and adjacent to the on/off switch and either lower or increase the blade as you wish.

Table Saw Basics for Beginners

Final Verdict

The Dewalt DW 745 has an unrivaled rip fence, overall quality output, high performance for a variety of projects, excellent portability and a whole lot of other admirable features.

It is very popular on the table saw market. It is not a perfect tool and has few flaws, as mentioned out in this review.

However, these flaws can largely be overlooked, as this tool will help you get your work done effortlessly and incur little or no fatigue as a result of its light weight. It’s a great tool for the price.

The Dewalt DW 745 is a great tool for amateurs, savvy carpenters and flooring specialists alike. If you carry out lots of small to medium-scale projects, then this tool is just right for you.

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