Chainsaws are one of the handiest power tools for cutting wooden materials. Many chainsaws are designed to be portable enough to easily carry between locations. While many chainsaws are designed with lightweight materials, many people are unsure how much chainsaws generally weigh and how this affects their performance.  


How Much Do Chainsaws Typically Weigh?

Standard medium-size chainsaw models with a guide bar between 16 and 20 inches in length tend to weigh between 10 and 15 pounds on average. 

Smaller electric or battery-powered models can weigh as little as 7 pounds, while larger gasoline-powered chainsaws can weigh upwards of 22 pounds.

Many factors impact a chainsaw’s weight, including the tool’s size, power source, construction materials, and any additional features. A chainsaw’s weight can be much lower or higher than the abovementioned average. It’s important to choose a chainsaw weight that’s comfortable to hold. 

There are many different chainsaws available on the market today, which means you can purchase a model with the ideal weight for your needs and abilities. It’s important to know the different factors that can impact a chainsaw’s total weight when choosing the right model to purchase.

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4 Factors That Affect The Weight of a Chainsaw

Knowing the factors that affect the weight of a chainsaw is key to understanding how much chainsaws weigh. Four main factors affect the weight of this versatile power tool!

1. Chainsaw Size

You can determine whether a chainsaw will be heavier or lighter by looking at the size of the body and the guide far that extends from it.

The larger your chainsaw and the longer the guide bar is, the more it will typically weigh. 20″ chainsaws will weigh 15-20 pounds, for example.

Conversely, smaller chainsaws with short guide bars will weigh less. 

2. Power Source

A chainsaw’s power source can also affect its weight, making it an important factor to consider when choosing a chainsaw.

Gas-powered chainsaws are heavier than electric and battery-powered chainsaws due to the additional weight of the engine and fuel. 

3. Construction Materials

The materials your chainsaw and its components are made from are an important factor affecting its weight.

Lighter chainsaw models are generally constructed with lightweight materials like plastic and aluminum.

Heavier chainsaws with powerful 50cc engines are generally constructed with materials like steel.  

4. Accessories And Features

Chainsaws with extra features and accessories will weigh more than models without these capabilities.

For example, features like a built-in flashlight or automatic coiler will add to a chainsaw’s weight.

Does Your Chainsaw’s Weight Affect Its Capabilities? 

The weight of your chainsaw will affect its capabilities to an extent.

As a general rule, heavier chainsaws tend to be more powerful, allowing them to handle heavy-duty tasks better. Larger chainsaws usually have larger engines and use heavier construction materials. 

It’s important to understand that weight is just one of the factors to consider when evaluating a chainsaw’s capabilities. You’ll also need to consider the quality of the bar and chain, the power output, the chainsaw’s design, and the materials used to construct the power tool.

Tips For Choosing The Right Chainsaw Weight

A chainsaw’s weight is an important consideration when choosing the right model for your needs. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when choosing the right chainsaw weight!

1. Consider What You’ll Be Using Your Chainsaw For 

If you plan on using your chainsaw for heavy-duty tasks that require cutting power, like cutting firewood and thick logs, you should opt for a heavier model. 

However, you can pick a lighter model if you only plan on using your chainsaw for easier cutting tasks. Lightweight chainsaws are ideal for tasks like pruning branches and will be easier to maneuver (and less likely to drop on the ground) than a heavier model. 

2. Pick The Right Type Of Chainsaw 

If you’re looking for a lightweight chainsaw, opt for an electric or battery-powered model. You can choose a heavier gas-powered chainsaw if you don’t mind the additional weight of the engine and fuel. 

3. Keep Your Physical Strength And Stamina In Mind 

Lighter chainsaws are ideal for users with limited upper body strength and stamina since they’ll be easier to use for prolonged periods. However, if you are physically fit and comfortable using weighty tools, a heavier chainsaw may be better suited to your needs. 

4. Test Different Chainsaw Models Before Buying One 

Hands-on experience is the best way to find the right chainsaw weight for your needs! If possible, go to a hardware store to lift different models and find one comfortable to hold and maneuver.

5. Consult With An Experienced Chainsaw User 

If you’re still unsure which chainsaw weight is right for you; you should speak to someone with experience using chainsaws since they’ll be able to provide recommendations based on your abilities and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Heavier Chainsaws Better Than Lighter Models? 

Your ideal chainsaw weight depends on your needs and abilities. While lighter chainsaws are easier to handle and use, they are usually less powerful than heavier models. Heavier chainsaws offer more power for heavy-duty cutting but can be difficult for inexperienced users to maneuver safely. 

Does Weight Affect Your Chainsaw’s Ease Of Use? 

Using a heavier chainsaw for prolonged periods will cause more fatigue in your arms and upper body than using a lighter variant. Due to this, it’s important to purchase a model that is comfortable for you to hold and maneuver. Make sure to take breaks when using your chainsaw for long periods!

Can Light Chainsaws Handle Heavy-Duty Cutting? 

While lighter chainsaws are less powerful than heavier models, they may be able to handle heavy-duty tasks. However, using a lighter chainsaw for heavy-duty cutting will require more effort on your part. 


Chainsaws can weigh anywhere from 7 pounds to upwards of 20 pounds! On average, most medium-sized chainsaws weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. There are numerous factors that affect the weight of your saw, including its size, power source, construction materials, and any additional features it may have.

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