Chainsaws can be complex and even dangerous tools. However, with the proper gear, knowledge, and safety precautions, you should be able to get the job done without any problems. One of the most important parts of any chainsaw is the chainsaw bar.

The best chainsaw bar is an elongated bar that is made out of heavy-duty, wear-resistant steel.

There are different kinds of chainsaw bars on the market now, which can make purchasing one a difficult task.

What we are looking for is an easy-to-control, easy-to-maintain, smooth, and straight-cutting chainsaw bar that can be used for both big and small jobs.

Here we will review the best chainsaw bars and thoroughly discuss their features, benefits, and downfalls to ensure that you are making the most informed decision possible.


Best Aftermarket Chainsaw Bar

Oregon 105671 20-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar

Here we have one of the best-selling replacement chainsaw bars on the market. The Oregon 105671 20-inch bar is the gold standard for chainsaw bars.

This particular model was designed to fit various Stihl chainsaws. The lubrication system is the sought-after Lubritec system that has proven time and time again to keep your chain and guide bar oiled.

A properly oiled system is important to prevent unwanted friction and maintain the lifespan of your chainsaw.

The multi-riveted nose is another added feature that helps the chainsaw bar stay in optimal condition for a longer period of time.

The pitch of this chainsaw bar is 0.325 inches, and the gauge is 0.063 inches. This guide bar fits saws up to 62 cc, and the chain drive link count is 81.

This guide bar has been tested rigorously and has met all of the kickback performance requirements, making it a fantastic option for those looking for a minimal kickback. This model from Oregon is from the AdvanceCut series, meaning it can handle light-duty work best, as it was designed to get straight and smooth cuts.

The contour of the guide bar is slim, symmetrical, and lightweight, which makes it easier to use, but also prolongs its longevity.

However, it is a high-quality unit with a long-lasting durability that is sure to handle the bigger jobs you throw at it. If reliability, power, durability, and maneuverability all packed into a lightweight unit is what you are looking for, then look no further.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Maintain a Property
  • Size: 20-Inch
  • Pitch: .325-Inch
  • Weight: 3.38 Pounds
  • Brand: Oregon

What We Like:

  • The lightweight aspect of the unit makes it easy to use and enhances its lifespan.
  • The low kickback feature is a nice addition that gives you more control over your chainsaw.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It was designed specifically for Stihl chainsaws, making it a limited option for those in the market for a chainsaw bar replacement.

Husqvarna 531300436 16-Inch Chain Saw Bar

When it comes to chainsaws and replacement parts, no brand name screams quality and longevity quite like Husqvarna. This chainsaw bar is no exception.

Husqvarna makes fantastic outdoor equipment, including chainsaws and chainsaw accessories. While most companies skimp on quality when making replacement parts, their chainsaw replacement bars are built to the same high-quality standards as the saws themselves.

The Husqvarna 531300436 16-Inch Chain Saw Bar is the ideal option for those looking for a professional-grade chainsaw bar that can be used in some of the most demanding and rigorous working conditions.

This chainsaw bar can be used on various Husqvarna chainsaw models, so be sure to check that your unit will match with this replacement.

This chainsaw bar is 16 inches long with a 0.325-inch pitch and a 0.50 gauge guide bar, which is a bit smaller than its successor but can get the job done nonetheless.

The chainsaw bar ensures that the chain has a low vibration. The gentle curve of the bar reduces the risk of unwanted kickback that could take you by surprise. Overall, this unit has quite low kickback.

This guide bar gives you full control of your chainsaw to help you get the straightest and smoothest cuts.

This chainsaw bar is one of the most durable and rigid units I have reviewed. The entire bar is coated in epoxy to protect against wear and tear, and environmental aspects such as corrosion and scratches.

If you are in the market to upgrade or replace the bar on your Husqvarna chainsaw, look no further because this unit is the perfect combination of reasonable price and professional-grade construction and materials.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Exceptional Yards
  • Size: 16-Inch
  • Pitch: .325-Inch
  • Weight: 1.1 Pounds
  • Brand: Husqvarna

What We Like:

  • This unit is moderately priced and is professional-grade quality, making it one of the best options on the market.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This bar is a little bit heavier than other units, which could be a problem for some users. However, for bigger projects, a bit more weight isn’t a bad thing.

Husqvarna 531300440 20-Inch FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar

The Husqvarna 531300440 20-Inch FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar is another winner from Husqvarna. If a little more length is what you are after and the 16 inches just doesn’t get the job done for you, here is a 20-inch option that should be more than enough for any task.

While this replacement chainsaw bar won’t work with competitor chainsaws, it will fit almost any Husqvarna chainsaw that meets the requirements.

This unit is 20 inches long and has a 3/8-inch pitch, a 0.50-inch gauge, and 72 drive links. It is the desired option for those looking for a chainsaw bar that can withstand some of the most demanding conditions and projects.

Even though this chainsaw bar will deliver high performance, it will keep the chain vibrations quite low. Like many other Husqvarna chainsaw bars, you will get the comfort of low kickback and a long-lasting item.

This chainsaw bar is made out of solid materials and is coated to reduce corrosion or scratches.

If you have a Husqvarna chainsaw and you are looking for a replacement bar that is an OEM part from a reputable manufacturer, well-priced and made out of durable materials and reliable construction, this is the replacement bar for you.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Professional Users
  • Size: 20-Inch
  • Pitch: 3/8-Inch
  • Weight: 2.4 Pounds
  • Brand: Husqvarna

What We Like:

  • We like that this is an OEM replacement part so that users with Husqvarna chainsaws can get a replacement part with a perfect fit for their current unit.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The positive is also a negative. Unfortunately, because this is an OEM replacement part, you can only use it on Husqvarna chainsaws, which can be quite limiting.

Oregon 24 Power Match Chainsaw Bar

The Oregon 24-inch power match model is a longer chainsaw bar for those looking to get a bit more distance.

This unit is considered the industry standard for experienced users looking to attempt some professional-level projects. It is 24 inches long, has a pitch of 0.375 inches and a gauge of 0.050.

There is a drive link count of 84. The appealing thing about this chainsaw bar is that it can fit various chainsaws from countless manufacturers, making it one of the more versatile options on the market.

This particular model comes with an Oregon Power Match replaceable sprocket nose bar, which fastens to the unit using only a single rivet. However, this doesn’t compromise safety because it is held securely in place with wide and rigid overlapping ears.

This sprocket nose is unlikely to fail on you any time soon because the patented cradle sprocket design is incredibly resistant.

This combo deal also comes with two loops of Oregon 72LGX chisel chainsaw chain and an advanced version of the Lubrijet and Lubri-Dam lubrication system

These lubrication features ensure that the oiling of the unit is not only efficient but also more frequent to reduce the chance of any unwanted friction or retention.

It also reduces the risk of the oil holes plugging, which can be a common problem for certain chainsaw bars. This chainsaw bar is solid and made from heavy-duty chrome-moly steel.

This type of steel will protect the chainsaw bar by resisting against regular wear and tear such as chipping. If you are an experienced chainsaw user looking for a good deal on a professional unit, look no further because this is a deal you shouldn’t miss out on.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Professional Woodcutter
  • Size: 24-Inch
  • Pitch: 3/8-Inch
  • Weight: 5.71 pounds
  • Brand: Oregon

What We Like:

  • One of the best aspects of this combo package is that you are getting a professional-grade chainsaw bar as well as two chains. You might be paying a higher price than you would pay for just a chainsaw bar, but it is a good deal for the overall package.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • One of the major downfalls of this chainsaw bar is that it has not been rated for low kickback and should only be used by professionals used to dealing with kickback. It has the potential for major kickbacks, which could cause injury to whoever is using it. However, this problem can also be solved by buying a saw chain that has reduced kickback to lower the safety risks.

STIHL 3003 008 6821 Rollomatic E Laminated Chain Saw Bar, 20-Inch

The STIHL 3003 008 6821 Rollomatic E Laminated Chain Saw Bar /] is a 20-inch option that is made by a reputable manufacturer and backed by overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.

This long chainsaw bar is quite different from the previous ones we have reviewed, as it is laminated. When it comes to choosing a durable guide bar, many will scoff at the idea of choosing laminated over solid.

However, the combination of steel welded spots, and laminate can make for a pretty durable chainsaw bar at a very affordable price point.

The chainsaw bar is 20 inches in length, has a pitch of 0.325 inches, and a 0.63 gauge. It is made out of Chainsaw Bar Comparison Chart

NameBest ForSizePitchWeightBrand
Oregon 105671 Chainsaw BarMaintain a Property20-Inch.325-Inch3.38 PoundsOregon
Husqvarna 531300436 ChainSaw BarExceptional Yards16-Inch.325-Inch1.1 PoundsHusqvarna
Husqvarna 531300440 ChainSaw BarProfessional Users20-Inch3/8-Inch2.4 PoundsHusqvarna
Oregon Chainsaw BarProfessional Woodcutter24-Inch3/8-Inch5.71 PoundsOregon
STIHL 3003 008 6821 Chain Saw BarOccasional, Mid-range20-Inch.325-Inch2.7 PoundsStihl

What to Look for the Best Chainsaw Bars

To pick the best chainsaw bars, we looked at a number of different aspects. For starters, we looked at brand names. Brand names aren’t everything, but when it comes to tools and construction materials, you can almost always tell what is a quality product based on the manufacturer behind it.

Once we found a few brands that we trusted, we then looked at other factors such as price. Chainsaw bars come and go, and the last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on something that might break or is made from cheap materials.

We factor in the type of material and see if the price-to-quality ratio matches up. If it doesn’t, we don’t recommend it.

Materials are a very important detail when buying something like a chainsaw bar. You are working with a very fast and demanding tool that requires hearty materials such as solid high-grade steel.

Chainsaw Bars

Now, laminated steel that has been welded isn’t the worst possible scenario, but it definitely isn’t as great as solid steel, which is why it should be priced lower.

The next major thing to look at it is ease of use. One of the most dangerous things anyone can do with a chainsaw is trying to install a new part or trying to use it without knowing how.

We definitely recommend that you read your manuals and ensure that the chainsaw you are using is rated for your level of experience.

The final step is to examine any additional safety features that are added, as they could mean the difference between a smooth cut with no problems and a rough cut that results in injury.

What Type of Chainsaw Bar is Right for You?

When picking a chainsaw bar, there are many details you must consider.

First, start with the chainsaw you are working with. This will determine whether you should be looking at aftermarket replacement products that are made by different manufacturers or an exact OEM replacement part made by the same manufacturer of your chainsaw.

Either way, you want to make sure that the fit is right, as a chainsaw bar that doesn’t fit properly could result in disaster.

Chain pitch and gauge are a very important deciding factor. Chain gauge is how you describe the thickness of the chain links, and it will determine whether it fits into the grooves on the bar.

The gauge of the chain and the gauge of the replacement bar need to match or you won’t have an appropriate fit, and each unit will be different, so read carefully.

The chain pitch is how you will determine the space between each of the drive links. As you will notice in the reviews, some have 72 links while others have 78, and each unit will be different.

Now, you can start to look at bar and cutting lengths. Whether you are looking for a length of 16 inches, 20 inches, or 24 inches will depend on your unit and your needs.

After all of these main deciding factors have been figured out, you should start to consider how comfortable the chainsaw is to use and if the bar will add any unnecessary weight.

Some people like a heavier unit, while others prefer something on the lighter side. This is mainly based on personal preference and the type of project.

You can then start to look at price, build and material quality, and additional features such as safety and precision.

Safety Features You Should Look for in a Chainsaw Bar

Chainsaws are some of the most useful, but dangerous tools that we use today. Fortunately, the safety of a chainsaw depends entirely on the parts it is made with and the user behind it. If you are confident, experienced, and cautious, you shouldn’t have any problems.

However, if your chainsaw is made with cheap materials or is falling apart, you could have a problem that is out of your control.

When looking for a chainsaw bar replacement, be sure to look for things such as low kickback, as this is a major factor in preventing injury. Also consider different features such as lubrication systems, attachments and fasteners, and low vibration.

If you pick a chainsaw bar that comes with all of these benefits, you shouldn’t have any problems.

What Chainsaw Bar Is Right For You? | Wranglerstar


Buying a chainsaw bar can be incredibly overwhelming. With so many different choices on the market, there is a fairly high chance of buying the wrong item and ending up with something that doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, or even worse: it causes injury. Between solid bars, laminated bars, and safety bars, the choice can be quite overwhelming.

I hope that this review cleared up some of your questions and pointed you in a direction that will help you make a better decision.

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