DIY Curtain Clip Rings / Sheets for Curtains

When I was finished painting my living room and dining room I came to a budget halt. I wanted curtains for all three windows in the room, but six curtain panels was going to be tough on the wallet. Not to mention I needed long curtains and wanted curtain clips and rings to hold them. You do the math! Luckily, my mom came up with an excellent solution to create DIY curtain clip rings / sheets for curtains. (Way to go Mom!)

You will need:

*Twin sheets of the colour or pattern of your choice *Binder rings(You can buy packages of these in many sizes from office supply stores). *Small binder clips(Also available at office supply stores).  What you simply want to do is put the binder clips through the clip rings, and attach the clips to your curtains (sheets) and add the rings to your curtain rod. You may always hem the sheets to the length that suits you – but another alternative is to fold any excess over along the top, and your binder clip on top of your fold. This also gives your clips more to hold onto.
I think they turned out fantastic! and for only a tiny fraction of the cost that a bunch of new curtains and ring clips would have been. ;) You may notice mine are a little “frumpy” toward the top – I liked the look at the time, so I added less clip rings – but I have recently been considering adding more. The more you add the less leftover “hang” you will have. Each panel on mine currently has six clip rings to give you an idea of how many you need for the look you are trying to achieve. Not a single person has guessed I have sheets on my walls! Let me know if you try this out for yourself! Be sure to ‘Pin’ to come back later!

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