Framers and carpenters working on various job sites undoubtedly need a dependable, portable, and professional table saw.

One that caught my attention is the Hitachi C10RJ. Wondering how it performs? Check out my Hitachi C10RJ review and learn what you can expect from this workhorse.

This tool comes with a stable stand and is powerful and easy to maneuver. It brings everything you could wish for from a top-in-class table saw.

Designed with the professional user in mind, it incorporates a wide cutting area, a powerful motor, and a 10-inch blade. It can handle anything the job site might throw at it. From rip cutting to fine cutting, it can handle even the toughest jobs.

It also comes with a wealth of additional perks and accessories designed to boost your user experience.

Continue reading our Hitachi table saw review to find more about its features, advantages, and flaws.


Hitachi Table Saw C10RJ Features

Design and Build

The Hitachi C10RJ impresses from the first glance. The quality of its construction leaves no doubt that it was created for professionals.

The table saw itself is made of high-quality parts. In fact, Hitachi is renowned for the longevity and reliability of its tools.

This top-end table saw comes with a convenient caster platform and stand. Similar to the saw, the stands boast a quality construction with sturdy foldable legs for easy setup and breakdown.

What impresses me the most is the stability of the legs while in use. Due to their excellent balance, you’ll be able to use this table saw anywhere as long as you have access to a wall outlet.

Added value is created by the durable wheels fixed on the stand to ensure easy maneuvering on all terrains. In fact, the wheels come equipped with all-terrain tires and provide sufficient support for easy handling.

This user-friendly table saw is also easy to turn on and off thanks to an on/off button located within easy reach. Moreover, it incorporates a circuit breaker as an added safety feature.

Another thing you’ll like is the onboard storage that provides sufficient space for multiple accessories including the blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, push sticks, and other useful items.

The generous table surface allows you to work with pieces of various sizes.


The Hitachi portable table saw is described as second to none by the manufacturer. However, many woodworkers noticed many similarities between this tool and the DeWalt DWE7499GD.

I’m not going to start a Hitachi C10RJ vs. DeWalt debate, but the two machines are indeed quite similar.

Returning to the Hitachi, this portable table saw comes with a high-power 15-amp motor that generates up to 4,500 revolutions per minute.

Slightly slower than its DeWalt counterpart, this saw is undoubtedly calibrated for working with all types of wood.

As any professional woodworker knows, harder materials and engineered wood don’t require excessive speed, but high torque, which is exactly what the C10RJ provides.

At the same time, the blade is fast enough to rip through softwood in a breeze, which is just what you would hope for from a high-end tool.

Cutting Capacity

An ample cutting table means that it’s possible to cut larger pieces, even on the go. This is a field where the C10RJ excels.

The table measures 22 x 28-3/4 inches and comes with an extendable top that provides a 35-inch rip capacity to the right. This is much more than anyone could expect from a rather compact tool.

All this is possible thanks to a reliable rack-and-pinion system and rotating fence mechanism similar to the one used by DeWalt. In addition, the C10RJ also offers an incredible outfeed extension. It is clear that you’ll be able to cut anything you might need to while on the job.

In addition to the ample cutting space, this portable table saw also boasts a generous cutting depth. You’ll be able to work with almost all types of lumber boards, as long as they don’t exceed 3-1/8 inches at 90°.

As you can expect from a professional tool, the Hitachi C10RJ also has the tilting capacity, performing bevel cuts at 45° at a depth of 2-1/4 inches.

Dust Management

One of the main concerns woodworkers have when purchasing a portable saw is dust management. The concern is valid, as most entry-level tools come without a dust port or reliable dust management systems.

However, there is nothing to worry about in this case. This tool comes with a convenient dust port that collects dust in a collection bag.

Alternatively, it connects to your vacuum cleaner for simpler and easier management.


Like every respectable tool, the Hitachi C10RJ incorporates reliable safety features designed not only to prevent injuries, but also to increase productivity.

My favorite is the soft start. This feature starts the blade at a lower speed and progressively increases it until it reaches the maximum RPM.

This could seem like a small thing to those not accustomed to using a table saw. However, if you’ve ever used such a tool, you know how important this is in preventing injuries.

Another great safety feature is the electric brake, which stops the machine instantly in case of danger.

It is obvious that the dust port also increases safety by preventing dust from hindering your vision. Although not incorporated, the tool is also compatible with 10-inch blade guards that can prevent wood chips from injuring you during cutting.

With all this in mind, let’s now have a look at the main pros and cons of this dependable tool.

What We Like:

  • The professional design incorporates high-quality and long-lasting components
  • The folding stand provides excellent stability
  • Powerful and easy to handle; it cuts through almost all materials
  • Universal 10-inch carbide-tipped blade included in the pack

What We Didn’t Like:

  • A rather complex design makes this table saw less useful for hobbyists and beginners
  • The tool is on the expensive side compared to its competition
  • The user manual is confusing even for an expert

Additional Features

Like most power tools on the market, the Hitachi C10RJ comes with additional features designed to improve your user experience. Here are some of the most important.

Universal carbide-tipped blade: Compatible with all 10-inch table saw blades, this machine comes with a convenient all-purpose carbide-tipped 40-tooth blade that you can use for rip cuts through most types of wood.

Dado capacity: Designed for professional woodworkers, this tool is compatible with a dado insert and most dado blades. You can use it to cut grooves into your workpieces without hassle. It has a dado capacity of 8 x 13/16 inches.

Depth control: Another great feature is the convenient depth control of the blade. At the same time, the tool allows for fence micro-adjustments, providing accurate cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answered

Can I Use This Saw Without the Stand?

Yes, you definitely can. The Hitachi C10RJ comes with a portable stand, but can be removed and fixed onto another solid surface. We recommend bolting the machine to your worktop if you plan to use it without a stand.

Can the C10RJ Accept Dado Stacks?

Yes. This table saw is compatible with dado stacks of 8 x 13/16 inches and is suitable for performing simple dado cuts.

Can I Use a Molding Head Cutter on This Saw?

Yes. This table saw has been designed with the professional framer or woodworker in mind. As such, it is compatible with a wealth of accessories, including molding head cutters.

Table Saw Basics for Beginners

Final Verdict

I hope my Hitachi table saw C10RJ review has helped you understand this machine’s features, pros, and cons.

This table saw might not be the best choice for a beginner. It’s more complex to use than other table saws. A rather difficult-to-comprehend user manual contributes to making the saw even harder to operate by a novice.

It has fewer safety features than its rival DeWalt table saw and is also more expensive. Nonetheless, the Hitachi C10RJ is an exceptional portable table saw.

A professional wouldn’t have any difficulties in handling it, and it has many additional benefits.

This saw boasts a solid construction, comes with a stable stand with sturdy wheels, and allows for multiple adjustments.

Reliable dust management is another big advantage. You’ll still have to wear goggles while working, but your vision will not be hindered by dust suspended in the air.

Furthermore, this table saw provides an ample work surface, has a strong blade, and is even capable of performing dado cuts.

All in all, this is an exceptional tool that you should consider if you want a top-end table saw and don’t mind spending a little more for it.

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