While buying a flooring nailer might seem like an investment, if you are a homeowner looking to do a flooring project, buying a high-quality flooring nailer can sometimes be cheaper than renting one for even a few days.

Best Flooring Nailer

If you are a professional contractor who installs flooring then there are great options on this list for you as well. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, we have a comprehensive buyer’s guide that can help you determine what features are best for you.

Even though a flooring nailer is for a very specific use, it can be a great tool to have that can be used for years to come across different projects. Check out our list of the best flooring nailers and the buyer’s guide below!

Features That Matter When Buying Best Floor Nailer

While many of the flooring nailers in the list might look the same, there are quite a few subtle differences in them that could impact your decision-making process.

Floor Nailer

Many of the features do overlap, so it is important to find your best fit tool that will help you get the job done.

Flooring Nailer Features to Look For

Knowing the type of nailer that will best suit the projects you will be doing is key when looking to purchase a tool such as this, especially when it is a financial investment. In order to make your purchase cost-effective and your jobs efficient, try to find a nailer that meets most or all of your needs.

Here are some of the top features to consider when researching flooring nailers:

What Type of Nails It Uses

This is a big one. Different Hardwood floors or installation types can use different nails or ‘cleats’ and sometimes even staples. Some nailers specialize in one or two types of fasteners while others are compatible with all three.

The three types of fasteners are L-cleats, T-cleats, and staples. L-cleats and T-cleats do basically the same thing but are different shapes, as their names suggest. Cleats are very effective because they are designed not only to hold the flooring in place but also to allow for some give with changes in temperature and humidity.

Staples are much cheaper than cleats, generally about half the price, and still do a very good job holding the flooring in place.

If you don’t exactly know what you will be using or have a preference, then you will probably want to look into a three in one tool or one that is compatible with all of the standard flooring fasteners.

If you know your job site, flooring, or boss, prefers a certain type of fastener, then you could get a flooring nailer designed specifically to work with that particular cleat or staple.


Not every tool is meant to be used every single day for eight to ten hours at a time. But, not every user is doing that either. Some of the tools above are built for long-term, heavy-duty usage. These would be great for those who want to do home projects or professionals.

Some, such as the Bynford, are still best flooring nailers, but just aren’t built to be used for years on end for hours a day. If the tools listed above are meant for either long-term use or for individual projects, it is stated in the product description to minimize any additional research you might want to do.

Sometimes buying the tool itself is cheaper than renting one for the duration you need it. In this case, you might not need a flooring nailer that will withstand heavy usage.

You may even just need it for a single project in which case it probably isn’t worth spending the money to get the top one on the list. There are budget-friendly tools on the list that will still get the job done.


Even though it is a power tool, having a good warranty on it can make all the difference, especially if you are on a budget or don’t have the funds to go out and buy a new one if this malfunctions.

The tools above range from no warranty to a 7-year professional warranty on tools and labor. While it might not be the biggest feature on your list to consider, a warranty should be somewhere on everybody’s list when looking for a new tool.

If you are looking for a single project tool that you will be done using in a few weeks, then the warranty probably isn’t as high on the list of features included with the tool. For those who plan to use the tool on several projects across longer periods of time or even every day, it is probably important to consider the warranties offered.

Accessories and Cases

The words tools and accessories don’t usually go in the same sentence, but when it comes to a power tool that will need maintenance, the inclusion of accessories could elongate the life of the tool.

Many tools will need maintenance such as O-ring replacement, oiling, or general cleaning. If you have other power tools you might already have the oil needed for maintenance or the hex wrenches that can release jams. In this case, a full kit is maybe not necessary.

If you are just starting out with flooring or power tools, then look into a kit that has everything you might need to properly maintain the tool or you might find yourself purchasing extra accessories to keep the tool in working order.


It all comes down to price. There isn’t a massive range of pricing for a tool like this like some other tools, but they can still range several hundred dollars indifference. Don’t just consider the cheapest or most expensive option though because those might not fit your other needs.

Price is obviously an important factor and can ultimately make a decision on a nailer. There are some great high-quality nailers out there that are a good bang for your buck. If you are a professional going for the most expensive tool might not be in your benefit either.

When considering price, make sure you weigh in with all of the other features as well. Finding the right balance is crucial to being happy with the tool you choose.

Whether you are a professional looking for a tool to use every day for years to come or someone looking to install their first floor in their home, there is a tool for you that can fit not only your price needs but also the other features you are considering.

Best Hardwood Floor Nailer

1. Freeman PF18GLCN Flooring Nailer


The Freeman is an 18-gauge pneumatic nailer that is great for a wide range of flooring. It comes with three different base plates and you can change them out based on your current need. Some of the flooring types it is great for is bamboo, Brazilian teak, cherry, and engineered flooring.

There is a no-mar foot which prevents any damage to the wood from the tool. The kit also comes with a no-mar mallet to help place the wood without damaging in. There is an anti-dust cap so the insides of your tool are well maintained and clean.

The magazine can up to 120 L-cleat nails and is compatible with lengths ranging from 1 ¼ inch to 1 ¾ inch.

The tool comes with a 7-year limited warranty and the tool kit comes with the nailer, fiberglass flooring mallet, three base plates, air tool oil, and hex wrenches for adjustment.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Bamboo and Exotic Flooring
  • Magazine Capacity: 120 pcs
  • Weight: 9.68 pounds
  • Power Source: Air Powered
  • Warranty: 7 Year Limited

What We Like:

  • This flooring nailer has three different base plates you can change out and is great for many types of wood flooring including exotic flooring material.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There is no form of safety on the tool and if the trigger is pressed accidentally it will shoot out nails. Also, the tool doesn’t have a pressure adjustment.

2. NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic Flooring Stapler


A unique feature of this tool is it has a 3-in-1 design so you can use it with T-cleats, L-cleats, and staples. It would be great on many different types of woods and jobs and could even be used for roofing or siding as well as flooring.

It is a pneumatic nailer that runs with pressure ranging from 70-110 PSI. The tool has a no-mar base plate to prevent any damage being done to the new flooring. There are two different base plates that can be changed out with each other.

The tool comes with a 1-year limited tool warranty and a 30-day wearable parts warranty. Included in the kit are the tool itself, a rubber flooring mallet, two base plates, air tool oil, and adjustment wrenches.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Different types of woods
  • Magazine Capacity: 90 – 120 Staples
  • Weight: 15.62 pounds
  • Power Source: Air Powered
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited

What We Like:

  • Can use three different types of cleats and staples and it has an interchangeable base plate.
  • There is a 1-year limited warranty on the tool and it comes as a kit with everything you need.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The trigger is very loose and will fire easily. It is great for at-home projects but might not be the best for continuous industrial use.

3. DEWALT DWFP12569 Flooring Tool


This is an overall great tool with some nice features. It will shoot nails ranging from 2 inches to 3¼ inches and weighs only 7.2 pounds. It is lightweight and designed to get into tough angles and tight spaces.

It runs on a battery and fuel cell, so there is no compressor needed, which makes it even more maneuverable. The framing nailer can work well in the cold, down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, which sets it apart from nailers who require a compressor to run.

The kit includes a carrying case, battery, charger, and spare gas. There is also room to put extra nails in the carrying case so everything is in one spot.

The battery is a 7V lithium-ion design and can fire up to 9,000 nails on a single charge. It has a rugged and durable design to withstand even the toughest construction sites. You do have to reload the magazine fairly often, and it is quite loud when it is running, but it is extremely portable and can be taken anywhere easily.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Protects prefinished flooring
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 pcs
  • Weight: 14.72 pounds
  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited

What We Like:

  • This is a very lightweight flooring nailer that is compatible with both staples and L-cleats.
  • It is easy to clear out any jams that might happen.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Though it is lightweight it is physically quite large. It does not come with a case and can jam fairly easily.

4. Ramsond RMM4 Air Best Hardwood Floor Nailer


This flooring nailer appears to be better suited for smaller projects or home renovation use as opposed to constant high volume usage. If you are a professional flooring installer this might not be the tool for you.

That being said, this is a comprehensive kit including the tool, a carrying case, safety goggles, a mallet, oil, Allen wrenches, an internal key, an O-ring kit, and two base plates. The entire system has no-mar protection so you shouldn’t damage the flooring when you are installing it.

It will work with pressure ranging from 60 to 120 PSI. It is a pneumatic tool so you will need an air compressor to use it. The magazine is fairly standard and can handle 100 cleats or staples. The kit comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor.

If you are a homeowner looking for a solid tool to use when remodeling your home, this is a great choice. It is high-quality and great for short term use. Additionally, it comes with several accessories you might need to maintain or use the tool.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Shoot both staples and cleat
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 staple/cleat
  • Weight: 26.9 pounds
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Warranty: 1-Year parts and labor

What We Like:

  • This is a very lightweight flooring nailer that is compatible with both staples and L-cleats.
  • It is easy to clear out any jams that might happen.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It can be a bit touchy and needs to be used perfectly for it to work and not jam or fail to put the nails in perfectly.

5. Freeman PDX50C Flooring Cleat Nailer

Freeman PDX50C Flooring Cleat Nailer

This is a solid nailer that comes as a kit. It is compatible with 16-gauge T-cleats and L-cleats and 15.5 gauge staples. This makes it simple to switch between types and thicknesses of flooring.

One of the highlighting features of this nailer, besides that it is a 3-in-1, is that it has a 7-year warranty. If you use your nailer on a daily basis, this could be a huge asset. It also comes with interchangeable base plates.

This nailer is built to last and is marketed to be used over long spans of time. It is is a pneumatic flooring nailer and stapler that will require a compressor to run. The kit comes with the nailer, air tool oil, two base plates, a fiberglass mallet, and adjustment tools.

It weighs in at only 13 pounds which is fairly lightweight for a tool like this. It is great for hardwood flooring and many different types of jobs. This has a wide range of uses on different woods or projects. If you work with different woods or on different jobs, this is a good choice for a tool.

What We Like:

  • It is compatible with T-cleats, L-cleats, and staples and is only 13 pounds.
  • It also comes with a 7-year limited warranty.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has a double stop design which makes it easy to fire the nails into the wrong side of the flooring or even shoot multiple nails in the same spot.

6. BOSTITCH MIIIFN Pneumatic Flooring Nailer


This is a heavy-duty pneumatic floor nailer that is made from aluminum which makes it both lightweight and durable. It is only compatible with a 16 gauge L-cleat so if you need to work with T-cleats or staples. The magazine can hold up to 110 cleats, fairly large size for a tool like this.

Your air compressor should be set between 70 and 120 PSI depending on the job you are doing. With that pressure range, the nailer can get up to 420-inch-pounds of impact. The nailer weighs only 11.2 pounds and measures 3.13 inches by 11½ inches by 17¼ inches.

Bostitch offers a 7-year limited warranty on this tool. The kit comes with the nailer itself, a graphite mallet, ½ inch and ¾ inch base plates, and a pre-finished flooring adapter foot. While the nailer doesn’t jam often when it does it is hard to clear.

Bostitch has earned a great name in tool design and manufacturing and is a great tool for many different types of jobs.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Lightweight and durable
  • Magazine Capacity: 110-cleat
  • Weight: 13.98 pounds
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Warranty: 7-year limited warranty

What We Like:

  • This has a 7-year limited warranty and is extremely compact and lightweight at only 11.2 pounds.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It can jam close to the end of a pack of nails and is hard to clear when it does jam up. It is only meant for L-cleats.

7. BYNFORD Hardwood Flooring Stapler


If you are a homeowner looking to finish or remodel a room yourself, this is the tool for you. If you are a professional contractor who will be using this tool on a regular basis, then you might want to look elsewhere.

This is a good-quality stapler that just isn’t built for hard, everyday usage. It is compatible with 18 gauge narrow crown staples and 18 gauge brad nails. The kit comes with a carrying case though nothing else.

It is a pneumatic flooring stapler so you will need an air compressor to use it. The nailer itself is only 6 pounds which is incredibly lightweight for a nailer like this. That being said, it might not be tough enough to go through harder woods such as bamboo.

This is the type of tool that if it works for your needs you will be satisfied, if you are a professional looking for a tool to use every day, you will likely be disappointed.

What We Like:

  • Unlike most flooring nailers, this one comes with a carrying case and is compatible with brad nails and crown staples. It is only 6 pounds.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This tool is not meant for heavy-duty usage. It is meant for DIYers and those who want to install their own floors. There does not appear to be a warranty.

8. WEN 61953 Pneumatic Hardwood Flooring Nailer

WEN 61953 Pneumatic Hardwood Flooring Nailer

This is a three in one flooring nailer that works with 16 gauge staples, L-cleats, and T-cleats. It only weighs 10.4 pounds which is very light for a tool like this. This is a pneumatic tool which will need an air compressor to run and has an operating pressure range of 70 to 100 PSI.

This is a tool that will need to be maintained regularly. If it is not maintained it is prone to jamming. That being said, the kit comes with everything you would need to properly maintain and use the best floor nailer including interchangeable base plates, lubricating oil, a mallet, a case, a manual, gasket and O-rings, safety glasses, wrenches, and a replacement bumper.

The tool comes with a 1-year warranty in case of any malfunctions. It is a good value for a hardwood flooring nailer, especially one that can work with staples and two types of cleats.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Hardwood flooring
  • Magazine Capacity: 120 pcs
  • Weight: 21.9 pounds
  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited

What We Like:

  • This tool will work with staples, T-cleats, and L-cleats and comes with everything you will need to maintain and use it, including a case.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The physical dimensions of this tool are quite large. It needs to be oiled and maintained regularly to remain in good working order.

9. Freeman PFL618BR Pneumatic Flooring Nailer


This is a nailer that is great for professional and home usage. It can withstand the brutality of regular usage on a construction site but can also be a great tool for a first time user.

It is compatible with 16 gauge T-cleats and L-cleats and 15.5 gauge staples. The length of the nails can range from 1½ inches to 2 inches. This has a very large magazine which can hold 120 nails or staples. The 7-year professional warranty on the tool is a great feature that is included.

The kit comes with a no-mar rubber mallet, safety glasses, oil, wrenches, and a carrying case which is great for storage. This tool works on hardwood and operates at an air pressure ranging from 70 to 110 PSI.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Construction Contractors
  • Magazine Capacity: Cleats-100/Staples-120 pcs
  • Weight: 11.46 pounds
  • Power Source: Air Powered
  • Warranty: 7-year Limited

What We Like:

  • This is a three in one flooring nailer whose magazine has a capacity of 120 nails or staples. It comes with a professional 7-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Though fairly lightweight it is a bit large and can be hard to use in tight spaces or corners. Sometimes the bottom plate can scratch finished flooring.

10. BOSTITCH BTFP12569 Flooring Nail Gun


This flooring tool is a two in one so it only works with 15.5 gauge flooring staples or 16 gauge L-cleats that range from 1½ inches to 2 inches in length. The tool only weighs 10.2 pounds so you can comfortably hold it for long periods of time.

The kit includes an air fitting with a dust cover, wrenches, interchangeable base plates, a mallet, and the nailer itself. It is a heavy-duty nailer that can be used day in and day out without any jams or issues at all.

It is a pneumatic nailer and can run 3.7 SCFM. The tool is specifically designed to work with engineered hardwood and other harder woods that a normal nailer would leave gaps when trying to install.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Comfortably hold
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 pcs
  • Weight: 14.72 pounds
  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Warranty: 7-year Limited

What We Like:

  • Bostitch is a well-known brand. This tool weighs only 10.2 pounds and has a 7-year limited warranty.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This does not come with a carrying case. The nail gun itself is great; however, the mallet is not a very high-quality and can loosen easily.

Flooring Nailer Comparison Chart

NameBest ForMagazine CapacityWeightPower SourceWarranty
Freeman PF18GLCN Flooring NailerBamboo and Exotic Flooring120 pcs9.68 poundsAir Powered7 Year Limited
NuMax SFL618 Flooring StaplerDifferent types of woods90 – 120 Staples15.62 poundsAir Powered1 Year Limited
DEWALT DWFP12569 Flooring ToolProtects prefinished flooring100 pcs14.72 poundsPneumatic3 Year Limited
Ramsond RMM4 Floor NailerShoot both staples and cleat100 staple/cleat26.9 poundsAir-powered1-Year parts and labor
BOSTITCH MIIIFN Flooring NailerLightweight and durable110-cleat13.98 poundsAir-powered7-year limited
WEN 61953 Flooring NailerHardwood flooring120 pcs21.9 poundsPneumatic1-year Limited
Freeman PFL618BR Flooring NailerConstruction ContractorsCleats-100/Staples-120 pcs11.46 poundsAir Powered7-year Limited
BOSTITCH BTFP12569 Flooring Nail GunComfortably hold100 pcs14.72 poundsPneumatic7-year Limited

Frequently Asked Questions & Answered

What is the difference between a three in one and a two in one?
A three in one tool will be compatible with L-cleats, T-cleats, and staples whereas a two in one will only work with two of the three different fasteners. Some tools actually only work with one of the three.

Do all nailers work with all types of wood flooring?
The short answer is no they do not. Some nailers are better for exotic woods such as bamboo while others work well with engineered hardwood and still others with softer woods. Some work fairly well with most types of flooring, so if you install different types of flooring we would recommend getting one of those nailers.

Does the price correlate with quality?
Not necessarily. There are some great flooring nailers out there that won’t break the bank! Use our buying guide and list above to find a flooring nailer that works with your budget and meets your requirements.


Finding the best flooring nailer for your needs might be a bit of research and work, but with our buying guide and list of top nailers, you can hopefully save some time and find the perfect nailer for you.

Our top pick is the BOSTITCH BTFP12569 Flooring Tool which finds the perfect balance between durability and affordability. It has a great warranty and comes as a kit with everything you will need to maintain and use the tool.

Our best value is the Freeman PDX50C Flooring Cleat Nailer. It is a great all-around tool that is a three in one, light and has a great warranty.

Buying a flooring nailer can save a lot of money when considering renting or purchasing the tool. It can be a great tool to have for home projects or as a professional. Finding your perfect tool can increase your work efficiency on projects for years to come.

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