With so many types of nailers available, you’ll probably wonder why you need a palm nailer. After all, it’s a relatively new tool that just emerged in the market. Should you really be among the first to get your hands on this gadget?

As it turns out, palm nailers are some of the best tools you can have if you’re working in narrow or tight spaces. It also works amazingly well even though it’s small enough to fit the palm of your hand. It’s even more precise than most nail guns!

The best palm nailers are those that are lightweight, durable, and dynamic. They should also be compatible with various types of nails since they are meant to be used for any task you’d typically use a regular nail gun for.

If you’re looking to find out best palm nailer for you, you’ve come to the right place!


Best Palm Nailer  Reviews

Powernail PowerPalm Face Nailer

The Powernail PowerPalm Face Nailer is designed to assist in a variety of projects where a palm nailer is required or most suitable.

This particular model is great for the tongue-and-groove flooring that is very common in modern households. It also helps to eliminate ’top nailing.’ In most cases, top nailing is required which means that the floor plank would be fastened to the subfloor from its top surface.

This often left nail heads on the surface or holes which later need to be filled. With this nailer, you won’t have to worry about ruining the aesthetic appearance of your flooring or other installation work.

At only 1.6 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight models even for the best palm nailer. It uses both 16 and 18G power cleats, providing great gripping power to hold your flooring or other carpentry work.

The PowerPalm is also very easy to load and uses the same fasteners throughout an installation. It is pressure-activated with 70 psi minimum operating pressure and has a special nose to accept flooring nails.

You can’t go wrong with this nailer, which features a 360-degree swivel tip so you can position the nailer anyway you like. It also comes with a magnetic cleat holder for precise placement.

It’s versatility lets you use this tool for blind nailing, seamless top nailing, doors, corners, and many more. Moreover, since it is pressure activated, all you need to do is press down and let the engine take care of the rest.

This makes all the tasks that were once almost-impossible (surface nailing jobs under trims, nailing close to the wall, etc.) a breeze.

The PowerNailer boasts a steel body and rubber-coated grip for maximum toughness and comfort. The vented exhaust also keeps the tool cooler and allows you to use it for long hours.

The tip is expert designed to be angled in order to hold the cleats more securely. It can also rotate in order to fit tight spaces.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Tongue & Groove Flooring
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Dimensions: 3.86 x 2.95 x 2.48 inches

What We Like:

  • This nailer is super powerful and able to drive both 16 and 18G flooring cleat nails.
  • It also has a magnetic cleat holder which increases precision.
  • It’s very easy to use and is one of the lightest, strongest models we’ve ever come across.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • This nailer does cost ‘a pretty penny’ though it’s very much worth it. You also won’t have to worry about buying another nailer of the same kind for many years to come.

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer

The Milwaukee M12 is a one-of-a-kind best mini palm nailer which provides a cordless solution for those not wanting to use an air compressor.

Despite requiring batteries, it’s also very powerful and has an on-board fuel gauge as well as an LED work light. All these features make the Milwaukee stand out from its competitors.

At 3.4 pounds, it is fairly lightweight but can still be heavy for some. With a metal body and metallic tip, it will last for years and make sure that your nail delivery is smooth and precise.

Much of the weight of the product comes from the fact that it also houses a battery.

The Milwaukee cordless is powered with 1 rechargeable 12V lithium-ion battery. The specific battery that works with this tool is the M12 REDLITHIUM™ battery pack which is designed to yield more work per charge and a longer lifetime than standard lithium batteries.

The 12V motor and its encasing body as well as this tool’s handy grip are built with great skill and craftsmanship. It can deliver 2.2ft-lbs of blow energy and 2700 BPM.

Moreover, the on-board fuel gauge and LED light make work much easier and safer. The REDLINK™ Intelligence system also ensures that the machine is working optimally and the system communicates well between tool, battery, and charger.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Long Lasting
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Power Source: Cordless-electric
  • Warranty: 5 years

What We Like:

  • Powerful for a cordless mini palm nailer and affordable.
  • Comes with an LED light system to light the workspace area while working.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not have a vibration or shock absorber.

PORTER-CABLE PN650 Palm Nailer Kit

The Porter-Cable PN650 is as close as you can get to state-of-the-art for an affordable price.

With this nailer, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a lightweight tool, the power of a multiple-blow mallet, and the ease of a pressure-activated engine system. It’s also very stylish and comes with a leather case that enhances the comfort level of your grip.

This tool comes with a unique interchangeable tip system featuring a no-mar finish tip, magnetic tip, standard tip, and steel hammer tip.

The first on the list functions as a finish nail for up to 3d sized nails. The magnetic tip is for 3d to 16d common nails while the standard tip fits all nails up to 70d (6-1/2”). The steel hammer tip is ergonomic design for models and auto-bodywork.

In addition, the PN650 has great depth-of-drive control and operates at 50-120 psi. At 100psi, it is able to fire at 2,300 BPM. It can also fire multiple times with the multiple-blow firing mode.

Some people using this tool have even verified that they’ve used around ten pounds worth of nails and it’s still working as good as new.

While this isn’t one of the fastest or lightest nails, it is very stable. At 4.45 pounds, this mostly metal tool isn’t prone to jamming or running interrupted.

You can get very close to tight areas and corners without worrying about ruining the work surface. It even makes window installation a breeze. It’s also very easy to switch between the interchangeable tip heads.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Affordable Price
  • Weight: 4.45 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited

What We Like:

  • Very convenient and versatile as it comes with four different nose tips for various uses, with depth-of-drive control.
  • It’s also certified to be manufactured in the US.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The framing tip does not work well with smaller-than-standard nails and can get jammed easily in that case. This tool is also quite loud.

BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit

Bostitch’s PN100K impact nailer will make an ‘impact’ on the way you experience palm nailers. Featuring a durable steel nose, high-speed engine, and contact trigger, it’s a great tool for working safely and efficiently on installations that will be free of blemishes when the job has been completed.

This 2.9-pound impact nailer has a magnetic nose with nail slots to hold nails in place for accurate placement.

The steel magnet is extremely durable and will last you a great while. If you buy this product as part of a kit, it will also come with everything you need to operate or fix the tool, a leather comfort glove, and spare O-rings.

This is a highly versatile model that will fit well with any bulk nail, 5d to 75d, with 6d-20d working the best. It is especially helpful for use in confined and hard-to-reach spaces.

The speed is incredible, with one 20d nail being driven in around one second! It also requires very little space to work with, much less than a regular hammer or nailer. It is ideal for joist hanger installations, flooring, siding, and more.

The Bostitch palm nailer PN100K can be fired sequentially with a contact trigger included. It is pressure-activated, allowing you to drive down a nail soon as you press against a work surface. It is lightweight and extra comfy with the leather glove.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Ideal for driving
  • Weight: 5.65 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Power Source: Pneumatically-Powered
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

What We Like:

  • Comes with a magnetic nose and is ergonomically built.
  • Comes with a hardened steel nose.
  • It is compact and even comes with a leather cover!

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not quite lightweight (5.65 pounds) despite being a pneumatic nailer. Only fits around 6d to 20d nails easily. No buttons, switches, or depth control. Manufactured in Taiwan.

Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm Nailer

With the Senco PC0781, enjoy the product of skilled craftsmanship and advanced engineering. With a smooth pressure-activated engine that can take up to 125psi, you have a mighty nailer that can fulfill nearly any installation task.

You’ll be working with optimal ease and very impressed with the quality of this tool.

This convenient nailer comes with a soft rubber palm pad as well as a leather grip for maximum user comfort. Many people have said that it is a really comfortable nailer; however, some also have said it’s too small for their hands. This tool works hard while letting you avoid straining and fatigue.

The PC0781 fires after you place pressure on it against a work surface. The operating pressure at 50-125psi offers a wide power range depending on what you need.

Even though it’s only 2.5 pounds in weight, this nailer works powerfully in all applications. It comes with a magnetic nail guide also, allowing you to work faster and wit greater ease. The engine works via contact actuation and drives bulk nails from 5d to 70d.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Any Installation Task
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

What We Like:

  • This highly adaptable tool uses bulk nails ranging from 5d to 70d in size, is lightweight, and is designed with many features that were included with your comfort in mind.
  • Built-in grip comfort.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The attached leather hand strap is a bit on small size and also thin.
  • Otherwise, this is a great tool by itself.

Metabo HPT NH90AB Palm Framing Nailer

The Metabo HPT is a new makeover of the original Hitachi Power Tools ideal for installing joist hangers and metal connectors among other applications.

It has the power and convenience you would ask for in a brand-name nailer at an affordable price. Furthermore, this extremely lightweight plam nailer will let you effortlessly get into every nook and cranny you want to reach.

The HPT comes with a magnetic nose that holds your fastener in place for accurate driving and installation. Fasteners range from 2-1/2” to 3-1/2” inch bulk fasteners, which they are ideal for.

However, you can probably get other types of fasteners in this nailer that are around the same size. The front exhaust directs air away from you and your workspace so you can work safely and efficiently.

There are a lot of great features in this one, including its over-molded rubber grip and 360-degree swivel fitting.

The former allows you to work with full comfort, have a stronghold while mitigating the annoying vibrations that come from the nailer’s engine. The latter gives you the ability to hang the hose at any angle, so you really can get into any space you need to.

The swivel fitting is also known as a pre-installed universal quick connecting fitting which really helps you reach the most hard-to-reach spots.

At 1.3 lbs, the HPT is really easy to work with and delivers the power of heavier or larger palm nailers. If effortless maneuverability and high-powered engineering are important to you, you’ll love this model.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Installing Joist Hangers
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

What We Like:

  • A very light-weight pneumatic palm nailer with a 360-degree swivel fitting and a strong rubber grip.
  • It’s one of the best palm nailer to get the job done and feels great to hold.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Despite its smaller size and lighter weight, this nailer does use more air than a standard palm nailer, therefore requiring a smaller compressor.

Senco PC1195 Mini Palm Nailer

The Senco PC1195 is just small in size but extraordinary when it comes to its power and accuracy. With its magnetic nose to hold your nail/fastener in place and a contact actuation engine, you can be sure to have an impeccable finish.

The remarkably lightweight body makes this virtually the most comfortable nailer to use. It also doesn’t use up too much air which means you’ll also be saving some energy.

This is one of the most lightweight nailers we’ve come across, even for a palm nailer. At 15.2 ounces, it’s made with high-quality metal body and aluminum housing.

The tool even comes with rear exhaust and all other features you’d find in a regular palm nailer (minus LED lights).

With its magnetic nose which holds the nails in place for accurate placement, this tool is capable of driving 2” to 3-1/2” or 6d to 16d bulk nails.

It is the perfect solution for extremely tight spots that no other tool can reach. Only minimal vibration is felt while driving nails using this nailer.

This well-engineered model is compact yet very powerful, with an operating pressure compared to other palm nailers.

Consequently, the air consumption is around 2-4 cm. It’s a very competent model that can be used for nailing into joist hangers, framing, hurricane straps, and fencing- the toughest jobs that palm nailers can accomplish.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Impeccable Finish
  • Weight: 0.95 pound
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

What We Like:

  • This model is fascinatingly lightweight yet still powerful and accurate.
  • It also comes with a magnetic nose and operates via contact actuation.
  • It’s also certified manufactured in the USA.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some people have said that they find it hard to fit larger sized nails into the nose. For example, it is difficult to fit a wide 16d sinker head in this tool.

PORTER-CABLE PN350 Mini Impact Palm Nailer

Even though the Porter-Cable PN350 is small (around a pound), it has all of the functionalities a regular-sized palm nailer has.

It is a rather simple tool; however, you can trust its competent performance with an operating pressure of 50-120psi and front exhaust to direct air away from you and your workspace. It’s also a very comfortable nailer to use.

At 1.1 pounds, this nailer is designed to take the strain and pain away from those long-hour jobs.

It also comes equipped with a nose that has a recessed nail slot for easy nail placement. In addition, it is specifically designed for easy storage.

Even though it’s smaller, this nailer doesn’t skimp on all the important features. It even has a multi-blow function that drives any length of framing or metal connecting nail.

It also contains a front exhaust that directs air away from the user’s hand allowing a secure grip without slipping. The operating pressure, 50-120 psi is comparable to larger palm nailers. At 100 psi, it is capable of driving 3” nails from various angles.

In addition, the PN350 is made with a swivel male connector which prevents the hose from twisting and any hazards that could be caused by tangling.

This allows for greater comfortable usage. It can be used for any project typically suitable for palm nailers, including metal connector hangers and framing.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Competent Performance
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

What We Like:

  • A very lightweight model that still has all the functionalities of a full-sized palm nailer.
  • It also features a multi-blow function which drives any length of framing or connecting nail.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Since it is quite small, the nailer does not reasonably fit larger nails with a large head. More fragile than standard palm nailers.

Freeman PMPN Mini-Palm Nailer

With the Freeman mini palm nailer you’ll enjoy the thrill of high-speed nailing and a smooth-running engine all within a compact-size handheld tool.

It’s tough metal exterior and parts also make it one of the most durable among the ‘minis’. Where other nail guns have faltered, this nailer is sure to lead to results free of blemish. This nailer comes with everything the larger palm nailers in our review have, including high-quality engine and internal parts.

At under two pounds, it has a metal body that is durable and resistant to rust and weathering in order to provide you great results for years.

This ergonomically designed nailer it’s built to function with the highest efficiency for your maximum convenience. It easily fits anywhere from 6d to 16d nails, up to 3” long.

Complete with a magnetic tip that holds the nail in place for accuracy, it fulfills its claim of being ‘the right tool for the job.’

This is one of the best palm-nailers to use for driving nails into tight and narrow spots as well as angled surfaces that require a lot of stability. You’ll definitely notice how neatly it drives both 16d and even 18d common nails with ease.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: High-speed Nailing
  • Weight: 1.38 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Warranty: 7-years limited & 90 Day Wearable Parts

What We Like:

  • It is lightweight yet built to last and able to drive even 3-1/2” nails.
  • It’s very powerful and also high speed (~500 nails in < 3 hours!)

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The noise produced from this nailer can be extremely loud.
  • There is no shock absorber and the vibration from the tool can be uncomfortable.

Grip-Rite Roofing Mini Palm Air Nailer

If you’re looking for something on the simple side but still works great and meets all your installation requirements, Grip-Rite Roofing Mini Palm Air Nailer has just that.

It’s just a pound in weight, but able to fit various sizes of roofing nails and has a considerable fastener drive range.

Like the larger or ‘fancier’ palm nailers, it also has a pressure-operated engine allowing you to just press down in order to drive down fasteners.

This handy tool is small and comfortable to hold while being able to fit a wide range of nails. It can easily work with 11G hand roofing nails of any standard head and smaller.

The fastener range is 7/8” to 3”. It also contains a magnet that holds the nail in place so you can have a spare hand while working. All you need to do to get this tool to start working is to press down against a working surface.

This effortless process runs smoothly starting at 90psi and the tool itself has an operating pressure between 60 to 110 psi. It’s definitely a great nailer to have if you want your job to be a breeze.

Despite its size (and affordability), this is one powerful nail gun that can even drive down a 16d nail onto various work surfaces and is incredibly easy to actuate.

It is also engineered to prevent damage from missed hammer blows. It can be used for various purposes such as installing ridge vents, vinyl siding, and trimming.

Additional Specification

  • Best For: Fastener Frive Range
  • Weight: 0.7 pound
  • Batteries Included: N/A
  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Warranty: N/A

What We Like:

  • It’s just a pound in weight but designed for and capable of accomplishing so many tasks.
  • It’s also a breeze to actuate and has a multi-blow firing mode.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It unfortunately doesn’t come with depth adjustment and some people have said that their nailer doesn’t last very long.

Palm Nailer Comparison Chart

NameBest ForWeightBatteries IncludedPower SourceWarranty
PowernailTongue & Groove Flooring1 poundNoAir-poweredN/A
Milwaukee M12Long Lasting3.9 poundsYesCordless-electric5 years
PORTER-CABLE PN650Affordable Price4.45 poundsNoAir-powered1-Year Limited
BOSTITCH PN100KIdeal for driving5.65 poundsNoPneumatic-powered1-Year Limited
Senco PC0781Any Installation Task2.5 poundsNoAir-powered1-Year Limited
Metabo HPT NH90ABInstalling Joist Hangers1.3 poundsNoCorded-electric5-year limited
Senco PC1195Impeccable Finish0.95 poundNoAir-powered1-year limited
PORTER-CABLE PN350Competent Performance1.1 pounds
NoAir-powered1-year limited
Freeman PMPNHigh-speed Nailing1.38 poundsNoAir-powered7-years limited
Grip-RiteFastener Frive Range0.7 poundN/APneumatic-poweredN/A

What to Look for When Buying a Palm Nailer

Lets go through the essential features to look for in a high-quality palm nail gun.

Palm nailers by definition have to fit in the palm of your hand and be easy to hold. So, these nails guns have to handle all of the typical nailing actions, while also being really small.

They also have to fit into tight spaces without leaving a mark or causing any strain on the workspace or on you. They should also not cause too much vibration, affecting your hand and arm.

They also should run smoothly, powerfully, and have a special magnetic nose to hold your fastener in place, giving you a spare hand while you work and increasing the speed and accuracy of your work.

Additional features seen here include LED lighting, interchangeable tips, and leather tool casing.

palm nailer brandisawyer 08 Best Palm Nailer


Pressure-activation is a feature that is seen in most, if not all, of the models we discussed.

It allows you to drive each fastener without exerting your effort since the “drilling” happens by itself after you press down on the nailer.

Generally, this also allows for smoother operation and great results in your flooring and installation work.

Magnetic Cleat Holder

A magnetic cleat holder or nose is highly effective for improving the accuracy as you fire your fasteners.

It holds the nail in place so that you don’t have to, which reduces your risk of injury as well as keeps the nail positioned correctly.

Nail holders and noses are made of steel are the best and can be retained for the longest time.

Vibration/Shock Reducer

A rubber grip or leather casing on a palm nail gun will significantly reduce the amount of shock or vibrations you feel when you drive your fasteners.

This is due to the insulating properties of these materials and the absorption of these vibrations before they reach you.

Therefore, you will feel less fatigue and can work for longer hours with your high-tech tool.

Lightweight Model Nailer

One thing a palm nailer features must be is lightweight (and small enough to fit into tight spaces). Since they must fit in the palm of your hand, except that it should be small and powerful.

Any palm-nailer which is over four feet is probably too heavy and may cause you to feel tired quite quickly if you’re working on a huge project.

Unfortunately, a cordless nailer running on battery will almost always be heavier than a pneumatic one.

Mini vs Full-Size Palm Nailers

There’s a reason why we included both full-size and mini palm-nailers. While both work great, there are quite a few differences between them.

Among these differences, a full-size palm nail gun can usually drive bulk nails from 5d up to 70d with ease.

However, minis will only be able to work with 6d to 16d. Full-size nailers are also around 2-4 lbs while their miniature counterparts are usually one pound or even less (15.2 ounces for the Sen-co PC1195!).

Both nailers typically have the same operating pressure.

Cordless vs Pneumatic

Pneumatic palm-nailers are often advertised as more powerful but need to be connected to an air compressor in order to work. They also require periodic oiling in order to work properly.

On the other hand, cordless nailers are dependable anywhere once it has a charged battery. You can even take your nailer outdoors and work away.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answered

Why Didn’t We Mention About the Magazine Capacity of the Palm Nailers Featured?

Palm nailers operate with one fastener attached at a time. That being the case, there is actually no magazine for this type of nailer.

On a positive note, this method of operating is one of the safest since you know when exactly you want to reload and when you’ve securely attached a nail.

Do You Need a Palm Nailer if You Already Have a Roofing Nailer?

These two types of nailers are used for different purposes. Palm nailers are used for precise work that requires the nails were driven in to be hidden or ‘invisible’.

If you’re going to use a roofing nailer for such projects, you would see unsightly marks and nail holes in your hard work!

Crown Stapler vs Brad Nailer: Learn When To Use Each Nail Gun


Since you’ve read this far, you now know all the benefits of having the best palm nailer and, moreover, the best models to choose from.

There are hundreds of palm nailers on the market but only a handful of them will come equipped with what you’re really looking for.

The Powernail PowerPalm Face Nailer is on the top of our list because it’s one of the most powerful nailers we’ve come across and its specific design which enables flawless flooring installation.

It also fits various sizes of nails and is extremely durable thanks to its steel body and rubber grip.

The Milwaukee with its battery-run engine, fuel gauge, and LED light comes in as a close second and first in great value.

The battery runs on is also unique as it is shown to do more work per charge and last longer than any standard lithium battery.

No matter why your pick is, you’ll find your best palm nailer among these two or others on our list.

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