Many professionals use brad nailers for work where precision is key, especially woodworking projects where nail placement is crucial. While brad nailers are similar to standard nail guns, the brad nails are much smaller in size. Unfortunately, many people struggle with a brad nailer that keeps jamming.


8 Reasons Your Brad Nailer Keeps Jamming

Like any nailer power tool, even the best brad nailers will get jammed from time to time. To fix a brad nailer that keeps jamming, you’ll need to remove the jammed brad nail and determine why it got stuck in the first place. You can use this list to find the underlying reason causing nails to get jammed in your tool!

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1. Clogged Air Hose 

Pneumatic brad nailers use an air hose to supply the nailer with pressurized air to drive nails into wood.

When the air hose gets clogged over time, it can cause brad nails to get jammed while using the tool due to insufficient air supply. Cleaning the air hose will resolve this issue. 

2. Damaged Brad Nailer 

Over time, many of your brad nailer’s components will become worn out or damaged, which can cause your tool to keep jamming.

Properly maintaining and regularly inspecting your brad nailer will allow you to replace necessary components to keep your tool working correctly. 

3. Fastener Issue 

Many brad nailers will jam when the magazine is not at least half-filled with brad nails. While this feature is used to prevent the tool from dry firing, it can cause nails to get stuck.

Always make sure there are sufficient brad nails loaded into the magazine! 

4. Incorrect Lubrication

Properly lubricating your brad nailer will reduce friction and wear on its components, which prevents jamming and keeps your tool operating smoothly.

Make sure you use a lubricant product designed for pneumatic nailer tools and can be applied to the moving components.

5. Magazine Debris 

Always ensure your brad nailer’s magazine is clean before loading nails. Any sawdust, wood chips, and other debris can cause nails to get jammed.

Compressed air can be used to blow debris out of your tool’s magazine. 

6. Misaligned Nails 

If your brad nails aren’t properly aligned in the tool’s magazine, there’s a higher risk of the nails getting stuck when nails are fed into the power tool.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when loading brad nails into the magazine. 

7. Spring Problem 

A brad nailer’s magazine is fitted with a spring, which will get loose or damaged due to repeated use of your tool.

Once you’ve removed the jammed brad nail, you can inspect the magazine’s spring to determine whether it needs to be oiled or replaced. 

8. Wrong Nail Size

Your brad nailer can only handle certain nail sizes based on its gauge. Using nails that are too large for your nailer will cause them to get stuck when using the tool. Make sure you always purchase the correct nail sizes for your tool! 

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How To Fix A Brad Nailer That Keeps Jamming 

Follow these steps to fix a jammed brad nail from your nailer tool: 

Step One: Disconnect The Brad Nailer’s Power Source

Always disconnect the brad nailer’s power source before repairing it to prevent injuring yourself. 

Step Two: Remove The Magazine 

You’ll need to remove the brad nailer’s magazine to access the jammed brad nail. 

Step Three: Remove The Jammed Brad Nail

Use a pair of pliers or a screwdriver to carefully extract the jammed nail from your tool. 

Step Four: Inspect And Clean Your Brad Nailer

Clean any debris and foreign objects that could have caused your jam. You should also inspect your brad nailer for any damaged or worn components. 

Step Five: Test Your Brad Nailer 

Once you’ve replaced the magazine and reconnected the power source, you can test the brad nailer to see if the jamming has been solved. 

Preventing Your Brad Nailer From Getting Jammed 

Now that you’ve removed the jammed brad nail from your tool and repaired it, here are some helpful tips to prevent your brad nailer from getting jammed again! 

  • Buy High-Quality Nails: Using high-quality brad nails will decrease the chances of nails getting jammed in your tool since cheap brad nails are more likely to bend or break. 
  • Don’t Mishandle Your Tool: Mishandling your brad nailer can damage certain parts, which is why it’s important to carefully use your tool. 
  • Follow Maintenance Instructions: Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and care instructions to prevent nails from getting stuck. 
  • Keep The Brad Nailer Clean: While this falls under maintenance, you should ensure your brad nailer is kept clean. Use compressed air or a bristled brush to remove sawdust and other wood particles from the tool and magazine. 
  • Use The Right Nail Size: Always stick to the manufacturer’s recommended nail size to prevent large nails from getting stuck in your brad nailer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Some Brad Nailers More Prone To Jamming?

There are four main reasons for a brad nailer that’s prone to jamming; the brad nailer is low quality, a certain component has become worn, incorrect nails are being used, or you’re using the incorrect technique. 

Can You Repair A Brad Nailer That Keeps Jamming? 

Brad nailers that keep jamming can usually be repaired to restore their functionality. You’ll be able to determine why your tool keeps jamming once you’ve carefully removed the jammed brad nail and inspected the nailer. 

What Should You Do When A Brad Nailer Jams After Being Fixed?

You should avoid using a brad nailer you’ve repaired that keeps jamming since using it can further damage the tool. Ultimately, a brad nailer that continues jamming indicates a more serious underlying issue that will need to be repaired by a professional. It’s also possible to replace your brad nailer. 


There are many possible reasons for a brad nailer that keeps jamming, including damaged components, using the wrong nails, and incorrect maintenance. To fix a jammed brad nailer, the brad nail must be removed before the tool is inspected to determine the underlying issue causing the jams.

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