Every woodwork enthusiast or professional should know how to clean an old table saw. If you have an old table saw, you will have to clean it before use. This is because the top of the table saw may have rust or accumulated debris.

Environmental factors can also trigger the growth of mold on it. This is why cleaning a table saw is a necessary part of the maintenance of your saw. So, what should you use to clean the top of an old table saw?


How to Clean a Table Saw Top

When table saws are left unused for months, rust will start developing on the top part. In addition, when the saw is not used for days or months, debris and dirt will accumulate on the surface and may cause deterioration of the metal parts.

Clean old table saw

This is why rust, debris, and dirt must be removed if you want your table saw to last longer. This will also help to keep your table saw in perfect condition and make it look as good as new.

1. Clean With Sandpaper

Sandpaper can help to remove rust from the top of your saw. To achieve this, you should sand the top of a high-end, expensive table saw. You can start with sandpaper or use a vibrating hand-held sander for more convenience. Sanding your table saw will help you achieve a cleaner and sleek-looking machine that you will love.

Your table saw top will look great and rust will also be removed. Old or tough stains that are not clearing after sanding should not bother you. You just want to ensure that the top of the saw becomes smoother compared to how it previously looked. Some of the sandpapers that you can use include:

  • 220-grit sandpaper
  • 320-grit sandpaper
  • 600-grit sandpaper
  • 1200-grit sandpaper

When using sandpaper, be sure to start with the one with a lower grit as you move upwards. This way, you will achieve better results when cleaning your table saw’s surface. Sanding will eliminate all the dirt and rust that has accumulated on your saw for months or years.

Close up of a table saw blade

2. Clean By Applying Lubricant

After thoroughly sanding the top of the saw, you need to apply the lubricant. However, if you still feel that you want to continue sanding the saw, you can go on to use the 1200-grit sander. You can then lubricate the cabinet table saw afterward.

You can spray your lubricant of choice and then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it. You can also use a fresh cloth to apply the lubricant as you wipe the table saw. Both techniques will give you great results.

Waxing on your Table Saw Top

Once cleaned, waxing is a crucial part of maintaining a table saw. By applying wax, you will give your table saw a neater look. Furthermore, waxing will protect the surface of your powerful woodwork machine.

It is advisable to apply wax once in every two to three months. Consistent waxing helps to lubricate and polish your table saw. As a result, your workpieces will smoothly and easily slide across whenever you are making cuts. You should apply wax on the table top using a clean piece of clothing.

Ensure that you smear wax on all areas of the table top that come into direct contact with wood stock when working. The wax should then be left for about 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that it dries out completely and then use a dry cloth to buff it out. After waxing, your saw will look sleek and new.

Drill on top of an old table saw that needs a clean up

What Should You Use to Clean the Top of an Old Table Saw?

The top of an old table saw should be cleaned because it gets dirty from the accumulation of debris and dirt. The top of a table saw can be cleaned using sandpaper, scraper, lubricant, and wax. Cleaning with these items will enhance the look of your table saw and ensure it is in perfect working condition.

Why Should You Clean a Table Saw Top Regularly?

You need to keep your table saw clean at all times to enhance its performance and to guarantee safety while using it. Cleaning your table saw will also enhance its longevity, remove rust, and protect the metal surfaces to keep your device running optimally.

Why Should You Remove Rust From Your Table Saw?

Removing rust from your table saw is important as it helps to protect the surface of your machine and ensures that it lasts longer. Removing rusting will also support the optimal operation of your hybrid table saw.

Table Saw Basics for Beginners


With this information, you can clean the top of an old saw without destroying this crucial machine. Be sure to carry out regular maintenance of your old table saw using cleaning solvents. Most of these cleaning products can be found in your local hardware store or online.

Be sure to use premium quality products that will deliver excellent results and leave your old table saw looking great and ready to perform its crucial woodwork functions.

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