Chainsaws are one of the best multi-functional tools out there. You can do everything from chopping down a tree to trimming unruly hedges to using it to make a log cabin.

The best thing about chainsaws is that they don’t have to be overly expensive, and there are plenty of solid options out there for under the $300 price.


Best Chainsaws Under $300 Reviews

Each one of these chainsaws has its ups and downs. What you’re using it for determines what type of chainsaw you want. We show you our top picks and let you know why they’re some of the best, but what we’d like to change to improve them even more.

Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

We think the Oregon CS1500 is an excellent chainsaw for larger trees or larger projects, with its 18″ guide bar that you can do near the home or a generator. It also comes pre-assembled, so no need to spend time trying to put the chain on. Just plugin and go.

This is a corded chainsaw, so you will need an outlet to plug it in, which reduces the scale of projects. While extension cords will help with that, there is always the problem of tripping over it or cutting it.

A unique feature of this chainsaw is its built-in sharpener, which isn’t found on most chainsaws on the market today. If you hit the ground or a stone with this, you can be up and running again in just three seconds, so your work can continue uninterrupted.

The CS1500 is heavier than most corded chainsaws at 16 pounds, but it’s still much lighter than gas-powered chainsaws. This makes it an excellent tool for those with weight restrictions, especially if you want the power of a high-end chainsaw.

What We Like

  • Very quiet so as not to disturb neighbors
  • Chain sharpener built in so you can get to work quickly
  • Lightweight at 16 lbs, so not as heavy as gas-powered chainsaws
  • Can cut through hardwood up to 16″ in diameter
  • Integrated chain brake for safety so fewer accidents can happen

What We Don’t Like

  • You must follow instructions precisely for optimal use as the chain can slip off if not tightened correctly
  • A specialized chain is required if it breaks

BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw (LCS1240)

The LCS1240 chainsaw is perfect for smaller projects. It’s super lightweight at just under nine pounds and has a 40V ion lithium battery making it quieter than a gas-powered chainsaw.

What we like about the LCS1240 are its enhanced safety features. You don’t have to worry about anything but cutting your lumber with this chainsaw. It has a front handguard and a lock-off button to prevent you or your loved ones from accidentally turning it on.

It only has a 12″ guide bar, so it’s preferable for smaller projects, but unless you’re a rancher with a ton of trees to fell, this should work perfectly for you.

The battery takes about 120 minutes to charge, which is pretty good since it can run for about 60 4X4 pine cuts with one charge. An issue that it has is that you’ll need to cool the battery down before you charge it, or it’ll error out, and you’ll be stuck with a dead chainsaw come morning.

Unlike corded chainsaws, this battery-operated one can go with you wherever you want without the logistics of extension cords rattling around your head.

This also is a self-oiling chainsaw. Just pop your oil into the reservoir and get to work. The downside is that the reservoir is small, so you’ll need more on hand when it runs low.

What We Like

  • Enhanced safety features for peace of mind
  • Lightweight, so it’s easily portable, and you won’t be exhausted working with it
  • It doesn’t break the bank with its price
  • Useful for smaller tasks around your home
  • Practically no vibration from the chainsaw when it’s on

What We Don’t Like

  • The oil reservoir is small, so that it will need additional refills
  • The battery may not last as long as we’d like and sometimes needs to cool off before recharging

Wemars 58CC 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw

This is the chainsaw to go to when you have big projects and want a reliable option to get it done before the sun goes down. Wemars 58CC chainsaw has, you guessed it, a 20″ guide bar for bigger trees and more challenging projects.

Safety is a priority for Wemars as it comes with a two-stroke motor and integrated chain brake to prevent accidents as well as an air filter to protect your lungs. The air filter is easy to switch out and helps reduce fuel consumption and emission levels.

Your hands won’t fatigue nearly as quickly since Wemars have anti-vibration and cushion-wrapped handles. It’s also well balanced, meaning your arms won’t strain to try to correct the chainsaw like you would with an unbalanced machine.

We love that the operation of this chainsaw is smooth and stable and allows precision cuts with the 58cc engine and low kickback feature.

As with other gas chainsaws, you need to make sure you’ve got the right mix of high-quality gas and oil for it to function correctly, so check your manual to be sure. The Wemars brand suggests a 25:1 ratio of gas and oil.

When it comes down to it, it’s better to use too much oil than not enough. While too much oil can make the muffler lose power and smoky exhaust, too little oil can destroy the motor of your chainsaw.

What We Like

  • High performance and power for cutting down big trees
  • Easy to start, operate, and maintain for ease of use and peace of mind
  • Less fuel consumption and pollution with a quick-release air filter
  • Automatic chain lubrication, so no need to stop and oil your chain
  • Safety features such as an integrated chain brake and two-stroke motor to prevent injury

What We Don’t Like

  • Oil can leak if left in the chainsaw
  • The choke can sometimes jam, making it almost impossible to start the chainsaw

Gigilli Mini Chainsaw

We present a mini chainsaw for those who don’t want anything so big and would rather use it for hedge trimming or minimal branch removal. The Gigilli Mini Chainsaw has a four-inch guide bar, meaning that taking down anything but saplings is out of the question.

It can be used and held in one hand, which can be either good or bad depending on how clumsy you are. But it does come with a safety lock and bezel, meaning it’s a two-handed start to avoid any accidents.

This mini chainsaw is a battery-operated chainsaw that makes it quiet and better for city or gated communities. It also has a motor overheat protection function, so you don’t kill your motor or battery. Switch out the battery since this chainsaw comes with two and start it again.

Each of the batteries will operate the saw for about 30 minutes to an hour before they need recharging. Each battery will take roughly two hours to charge, which isn’t the greatest, but it works for light yard work.

If you want a lightweight chainsaw, this one wins hands down as it clocks in at 1.5 pounds. The fact that it doesn’t weigh as much makes it perfect for everyone to use, from young women and men to the elderly and disabled.

This chainsaw comes already assembled, so it’ll take no time at all before you’re out using it on your garden and bushes. All it takes is a wrench that they provide to adjust the tightness. Then you tighten down a screw, and you’re good to go.

This chainsaw doesn’t have a self-oiler, so you’ll need to make sure that you keep the chain oiled to extend the life of your chainsaw.

What We Like

  • Accessibility in that just about everyone can use it
  • Quiet for small projects in close-knit neighborhoods
  • It comes with two batteries for extended use
  • No cords so can be taken anywhere
  • Already assembled, just tighten and go

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t take on more significant projects
  • Battery life is short when compared to charge time

WORX WG309 8 Amp 10″ 2-In-1 Electric Pole Saw

Yes, it’s a chainsaw on a pole. Yes, for those who’ve never seen one, it looks ridiculous, but it’s a bit of genius mixed with a dash of madness. The WG309 is perfect for getting high up branches down while still keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

The WG309 can get up to 10 feet in the air and has a 10″ guide bar. It’s a two-in-one as the extension pole collapses and turns this into a regular chainsaw for groundwork as well.

The WG309 has an auto-chain tension, so you’ll never have to worry about getting the tension wrong. It also comes with an auto-oiler, so say goodbye to having to oil it often. You’ll get less wear and tear on both the chain and the motor from these two features.

Sometimes the bar on this chainsaw can become misaligned, making it seem as if you can’t tighten the chain anymore even though it’s loose. You’ll have to realign the bar by loosening the chain a little bit more before tightening the chain back down.

This chainsaw is a corded pole saw, so an extension cord is vital to get up in those trees. If you’d rather not hassle with the cords, then you might want to get a ladder. But the chainsaw itself is only 10 pounds, so it’s incredibly lightweight, making precision and accuracy the name of the game when using it on the ground. There’s also a cordless pole saw by Worx as well if you don’t want to hassle with cords.

The main issue we have with this pole saw is the lack of safety features. There’s no chain brake, and it takes a full five seconds for the chainsaw to stop after you release the safety switch. That’s an eternity when you’re in a precarious position.

What We Like

  • It has two uses as both a pole saw and a regular chainsaw
  • Ease of use with an auto-oiler and tensioner
  • Can work on tree branches while staying on the ground
  • It’s a powerful machine that can take down small to medium-sized branches with ease
  • It’s a corded electric, meaning it’s very quiet compared to a gas chainsaw

What We Don’t Like

  • Lack of safety features should something go wrong
  • 10 pound of weight at the end of a ten-foot pole requires a lot of muscles strength to control with precision

Chainsaw Features and Considerations

There are so many considerations required to buy the perfect chainsaw than just the price. Here are some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a chainsaw.

Husqvarna chainsaw

Guide Bar Length

The guide bar is not just the length on the blade but also distaste what thicknesses you can cut.

Regular chainsaws have a guide bar between 6″ and 20″, with the lower half used for smaller trees or trimming bushes. 20″ chainsaws are large and tends to be used by lumberjacks and ranchers, but if you have some sturdy trees you need to knock down, you should go with a longer guide bar.


There are three main types of chainsaws: corded electric, battery-operated, and gas-powered. They all have different pros and cons when it comes to power, and choosing the right one for your job will be crucial to giving you fewer headaches in the long run.

The main difference is the mobility and power supply of these chainsaws.

Corded electric chainsaws have a continuous supply of power, but have to be plugged in, which reduces how far you can go. You can extend that range with extension cords, but be careful not to trip over them or cut them with your chainsaw.

Battery operated, on the other hand, lets you go anywhere you’d like, but once it’s on, you’re on a timer until the juice runs out. After that, it’s back to a power source so you can charge your battery up again.

A way around that is multiple batteries, but you’ll have to make sure you charge them before heading out.

Gas-powered chainsaws tend to be more powerful than either the battery or corded kind and are best suited to heavy-duty jobs. But they require a precise amount of gas to oil that you have to have on hand.

Safety Features

When it comes to chainsaws, safety is a necessity. It’s a very mobile spinning blade, and severe life-threatening injuries can occur if you’re not careful.

Man using a chainsaw to cut a tree log

Thankfully manufacturers have seen that safety should be a number one priority and have started including kickback bars and instant chain brakes, so your risk of injury is reduced.

You should never run with a chainsaw and keep the blade away from your face. Using a chainsaw safely means using the chainsaw below shoulder height whenever possible and never cutting with the blade straight up in the air.

You still want to be careful around chainsaws and keep them up and away from children and pets, just in case.

Ease of Use

Whether you’re brand new to chainsaws or are an expert, ease of use is something that you should consider. Historically chainsaws have been challenging to use, but nowadays, some chainsaws can start with the press of a couple of buttons.

If you’re new to chainsaws, you’ll want something lightweight with an ergonomic handle design to help ease your way into the more heavy-duty chainsaws. These chainsaws come with added features such as auto-tensioners and built-in oilers, so you don’t destroy your chainsaw.

Vibration is also something to consider when using a chainsaw. The more it vibrates, the harder it is to use, so finding one with anti-vibration features such as cushion-wrapped handles should also be considered.


You should know what you want out of a chainsaw before purchasing one. You should also know what your workload looks like before buying a chainsaw that might not be a good fit. No matter which one you get, always read the manual and follow instructions so you can extend its life to the and get many years of use from it.

A chainsaw does not have to be expensive or break the bank either. There are plenty of options for chainsaws under $300 that work just as well as their costly counterparts.

We hope you find a chainsaw that works for you. Happy chopping!

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