If you don’t know much about woodworking, you would probably advise that kids should stay away from it.

However, childhood is the best time to begin woodworking as it takes years of experience to become very good at it. Also, woodworking is a physical activity and can aid physical development in kids.

Woodworking Projects for Kids

Of course, not all woodworking projects are suitable for kids; this is why we are selecting and discussing some interesting and easy wood projects for kids.

We will also discuss some of the necessary tools for kids getting introduced to woodworking and some benefits of woodworking in kids.

46 woodworking projects for kids

1. DIY Circle Wood Shelf

DIY Circle Wood Shelf

Get your kids started in woodworking by making a circle wood shelf with them. It’s a very useful feature for a child’s room, and they will get to learn the basic skills of woodworking. The most challenging part of this project is getting round wood to use.

However, with help from an experienced adult in getting an alternative material like a quilting hoop, this project will be done in no time.

2. DIY Wood Frame for Photos

DIY Wood Frame for Photos

How about making something that will allow kids to hang their favorite pictures? This project will teach some of the necessary measurements, cutting, and joining skills.

While these projects should be fun for kids, they should gain and develop more essential skills. A wood frame can also hold some interesting text art, quotes, and design prints.

3. Jumbo Wooden Dice

Jumbo Wooden Dice

These dice are great for outdoor games with your family and friends. They are especially necessary when you have family reunions, BBQs, or any other gathering that requires outdoor activities.

All you need to mask some dice are wooden block, paint, brushes, and sealant spray. In no time, you and your kids will have you some dice to play with.

4. Simple Boxes

Simple Boxes

This is one of the projects kids should start their woodworking journey with. It is simple, it encourages creativity, and most importantly, it teaches the required skills for woodworking.

A box making project is not limited to a particular kind of box; you can make a box that will house kids’ toys, you can make a basic hinged box or even a box with a lid.

5. Wooden Texture Stamps for Kids

Wooden Texture Stamps for Kids

This project is one of the most enjoyable to make. You don’t need complex tools to make wooden stamps, and they won’t take considerable time to make.

Once you have your wood, cut into small sections and smoothen the surface with sandpaper. Then, proceed to make your patterns; you can make these by nuts into the wood or chiseling out your patterns.

6. DIY Birdhouse


It is important to get children interested in things other than watching television or pressing phones. Interesting and environmentally-friendly projects like a DIY birdhouse should spark interest in woodworking and teach some skills.

This project requires a number of tools and ardent supervision for the kids. It may take a bit longer than some other projects on this list; however, the end product will be worth every effort you put in.

7. Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

Doing a project like this with your kids is one way of doing well for the environment and teaching woodworking skills at the same time. If your kids are very young and find some most woodworking tools heavy to handle, a project like this is what they need.

By simply drilling holes in wood, you can make a good bird feeder. Hang the feeder with some bird food in the holes and notice how it will attract birds.

8. DIY Crayon Holder

DIY Crayon Holder

It is very easy to get kids interested in a woodworking project like this. Kids use a lot of crayons, and making a crayon holder to house their crayons should sound interesting to them.

This will require a lot of drilling, and for safety reasons, an adult should handle a larger part of the project with kids involved in the simpler and safer parts of the project.

9. Contemporary Bookcase

Easy DIY Earring Stand

Teach kids how to build things they need from an early age. A bookcase is required to store their numerous books if they would keep their rooms organized.

The basic woodworking skills like measuring, cutting, and joinery will be extensively taught by a project like this. While it is not the easiest kids’ wood project, it is a really interesting project that will teach kids a lot.

10. Kids Camping Tent

Kids Camping Tent

Children love to make little tents and act as if they are on a camping trip; they’ll find this project really interesting. This camping tent is easy to make, and in just a matter of minutes, you get done with the project.

It is made primarily of wood. However, you will need some other materials to make it a complete tent that disassembles easily.

11. DIY Wood Robot Toy

DIY Wood Robot Toy

Kids are always fascinated by robot toys; why not try to get them in the process of making a wooden one. It can as well be the first woodworking experience for your kids.

Successful completion of this project means your kids are ready to take on some more complicated woodworking projects. Just like with the other projects on this list, adult supervision is very necessary.

12. DIY Bookend

DIY Bookend

Kids need bookends to keep their books organized on the shelf, and a wooden bookend is easy to make. Older kids can try their hand at cutting a block of wood – with the supervision of an adult.

While the blocks of wood can be used as bookends plainly, it allows kids to paint them in different colors to make the bookends more beautiful and to make the woodworking process more exciting.

13. DIY Board Game Storage Organizer

DIY Board Game Storage Organizer

It can be really frustrating whenever you want to play a board game, and you can’t find all the pieces. A wooden board game storage organizer will help you keep all the crucial parts safe for when they are needed.

Kids love games, and they should find this project interesting. If you can make the boards fit each other perfectly, you and your kids don’t have to worry about losing your game pieces anymore.

14. Balsa Wood Fall Wind Chimes

Balsa Wood Fall Wind Chimes

This project requires no special skills, and kids should be able to follow instructions and complete it without much assistance. If you live in a windy environment, this is one of the simplest projects your kids can do.

Also, Balsa wood is easy to work with. You can even customize it further by adding a small bell that will jingle.

15. Wood Sculptures for Kids


Not all woodwork projects have to be about measuring and cutting. Try to work on something different, like easy wood sculptures. These do necessarily require chiseling or carving; it is almost like making a wooden collage.

With bits of wood, glue, and paint, you can make some of these interesting sculptures. It is one of the projects your kids can execute totally on their own.

16. A T-Rex Figure

A T-Rex Figure

Even though dinosaurs are extinct, the T-Rex is still popular amongst kids, and it’s a great project to get kids interested in woodworking.

However, it is not the easiest project on our list; it requires a number of tools and takes some time to make. Adult supervision is also very necessary. All in all, kids will typically love to make wooden T-Rex to play with.

17. Wooden Airplane For kids

Wooden Airplane For kids

This is another interesting toy that kids would love to make. A good thing about this project is that you can make it from leftover wood from other projects.

It does require some skills to make, so work with your kids as they try to make a wooden airplane. You can also customize it further by painting or adding little decorations. Since it is not made to really fly, you don’t have to worry about getting the details absolutely right.

18. Wood/Log Owl Decorations

Wood/Log Owl Decorations

These owls are great decorations for interior spaces, and they will surely look good in your home. Kids get sentimental over things they make themselves, and they will surely love these decorations.

They are quite easy to make; all they require is gluing pieces of wood together and drawing faces on them. You can even add some feathers to make them more realistic.

19. X-Shaped Coaster Set

X-Shaped Coaster Set

The typical coasters are not X-shaped, but these are more interesting to make, and your kids will get to learn one or two essential things about woodworking.

Coasters are needed to protect the tabletop surfaces in your home, but instead of buying ready-made ones at the store, get your kids involved, and make some at home. Balsa wood is perfect for making these, and you won’t need to use saws.

20. Flaschen Vase

Flaschen Vase

Flowers beautify our interior and exterior spaces. Very often, we need flower vases to hold these beautiful flowers. You and your kids can make this simple bottle vase in no time.

With little wood, a bottle, and some basic woodworking tools, you will get through the construction in no time. It certainly is cheaper than buying a vase at the store, and your kids will learn a thing or two about woodworking.

21. DIY Wooden Button

DIY Wooden Button

Interestingly, you can make buttons from fallen tree branches. If you have fallen branches littering your yard, here’s one use you can put them to. Wooden buttons are quite strong, and they retain the texture and grain of the tree they came from.

They are very easy to make; all you have to do is drill some holes in the wood. While projects like this do not teach a lot of skills, they can get children interested in woodworking. 

22. Bath Tray With Book Rest

Bath Tray With Book Rest

This is another interesting project you can work on with kids. Bath trays are necessary if you tend to take long baths. With a good bath tray, you can read books or work on your tablet while in the tub.

Making a bath tray involves a lot of measuring, cutting, and sometimes joinery. Working on a project like this with kids will teach a lot of the basic and necessary skills required to progress in the craft.

23. DIY Beauty Station

DIY Beauty Station

If you don’t have storage space for your beauty products and you have too many makeup tubs and pots scattered around your room, you need a beauty station. You can easily make one with your kids.

This project will take some time, and it involves the use of some heavy tools, so you should oversee your kids as you work.

24. DIY Geometric Shelves

DIY Geometric Shelves

Decorative features like geometric shelves are not so popular, and even when you can get them, they can be so expensive. Since it doesn’t take much to make them, you can embark on a DIY project with your children.

Another exciting thing about making geometric shelves is that your kids’ first-hand exposure to working with angles in woodwork.

25. DIY Wooden Toy Bins

DIY Wooden Toy Bins

Kids love to throw their toys and litter the home with their various playthings. A DIY wooden toy bin will make it easier to declutter your living space and keep all toys organized.

With supervision from adults, kids can quickly build a wooden toy bin to house their toys and keep the house organized. This will make it easy to store and retrieve any toy without having to search the entire house.

26. DIY Wooden Toy Bins

DIY Wooden Toy Bins

Older kids can make a Z-table with little supervision, as long as they are being told what to do, and they have their safety gear on. It’s a very simple process; however, the marking and cutting of angles may be too much for some kids.

The Z-table is quite attractive and very sturdy. It will look so good on your patio, your garage, or yard.

27. DIY Floating Ladder Shelf

DIY Floating Ladder Shelf

A floating ladder shelf looks good in any decor, and it can easily fit into as many themes as possible. Kids should work on an easy project like this to improve their woodworking projects to improve their skills.

It is a functional feature, and it also has a decorative function, making it one of the best things to make with your kids.

28. Desk Organizer

Without a desk organizer, you will find it really hard to keep things your desk in perfect order. Actually, you can get your kids to make one for you.

It doesn’t have to be so big or stylish; a desk organizer is a functional feature, and its only function is to hold your pen, clips, and other things on your work desk. Kids can also use desk organizers to keep their stationery in order.

29. A Sock Spider with a Spider Web

A Sock Spider with a Spider Web

A superb chance for your kid to hammer real nails, this sock spider is a simple project that involves a lot of hammering. Kids will love both the process and the product of a project like this.

You don’t need much wood or many tools to make it; a beautiful flat wooden board with nails hammered in the pattern of a spider web and a spider made from socks are all you need. Tie a long string along the nails to get your web.

30. Simple Wooden Tops

This is another project that little kids can do on their own without much assistance from an adult. With dowels, a sharpener, sandpaper, and some paint, they can make as many of this toy as they want.

It is a great project to get little kids involved in woodworking, and the process of learning how to spin the tops can also be quite interesting.

31. DIY Teepees for Fun Kids

DIY Teepees for Fun Kids

Just like the camping tent discussed earlier, you can help your kids build forts where they can always curl up and read, play games, or rest. 

Ready-made tepees sold in stores are really expensive. On the other hand, it won’t cost much to make one by yourself, and you get to teach your children more about woodworking skills and tools.

32. DIY Storage Box

When you notice that your kid has developed an interest in woodworking, it is a good idea to have a storage box for storing tools and other equipment.

However, storage boxes are not for outdoor use only; kids can store old toys, old books, and other things they have outgrown in these storage boxes. Adult supervision is required, as kids will need some heavy tools for this project.

33. Candy Dispenser

Candy Dispenser

What kid will not like a wooden box that dispenses candy? Kids may not be able to carry out this project exclusively, but they will love to get involved in the process.

This work of art requires accurate measurements and precision if it dispenses appropriately. Also, it doesn’t require much wood and kids stand to gain good woodworking experience with a project like this.

34. Kids Bow and Arrow

Kids Bow and Arrow

Archery can be really interesting for kids; motor skills are improved, and so is their physical ability. Better still, they can learn a lot about woodworking from a project like this.

This will be a wonderful addition to any toy collection, and it will encourage outdoor activities among kids. Before shooting the arrows, make sure the arrowheads are protected by foam hockey balls or any other means.

35. Homemade Catapult

Reminiscent of the old roman catapults used in battles, this small-scale catapult is an interesting thing to make. It is perfect for outdoor games with your kids.

Unlike the real catapults, this is not designed to inflict any kind of harm. The process can be quite arduous; however, with you and your kids on board, you should be able to get through the project in no time.

36. Doll House

A simple dollhouse is another interesting woodworking project for kids. This will take more time than most of the projects on this list, and it is complex than most; however, it is an exciting project that gives kids the chance to experience essential woodwork practices.

Children love to play with a dollhouse, and they are always equally excited to make something they love to play with.

37. Make String Art

A simple and unique project to do. If you are quite good at freehand sketching, you should sketch designs with kids. However, you can always print out your design to get better designs and a good scale.

Once you get through one string art projects with kids, they should be able to make more on their own with little or no supervision.

38. Wind Spinners

Wind Spinners

Wind spinners are quite captivating, and they will make a wonderful addition to your patio, garden, or any other space. They are also easy to make, and even though they take time, the wonderful illusion they create is the best incentive.

You and your kids can finish a project like this in just a couple of hours and then hang it out to spin.

39. DIY Rustic Candle Holder

DIY Rustic Candle Holder

How about a simple candle holder that will add beauty and a rustic theme to your interior. With little supervision, older kids should be able to make a good rustic candle holder.

All you need for this project are wood, a drill, and some paint if you like. A candle holder is a great thing to make. However, you should be careful how you use them, most especially around kids.

40. DIY Tree Swing for Kids

DIY Tree Swing for Kids

A crucial part of getting kids interested in woodworking is working on projects that they will find interesting and through which they will learn one or two things.

DIY tree swings are fun to make, and the prospect of swinging on one is fascinating. To ensure safety, use good materials, and follow every instruction to the latter.

41. Oversized Tic Tac Toe Game

Oversized Tic Tac Toe Game

This oversized tic tac toe game is just like the normal game brought to life. Teach more woodworking skills to your kids as you get them involved in this project.

All in all, it is a simple project; arguably, the hardest part is making the wooden base on which the game will be played. Unlike in the typical game, you can use different patterns apart from the common X and O to customize the game further.

42. Scrap Wood Decor – Mini Houses

You may think this involves drawing out a plan and building a real model like you would if you were working on a dollhouse. However, this project gives you a chance to make use of your scrap wood instead of just throwing them out.

Cut your scrap wood into different house styles and sizes and allow your kids to paint the fenestration on them; it is an exciting thing to do.

43. Stylish Serving Trays

Stylish Serving Trays

These trays are both functional and decorative. Better still, they are effortless to make and will cost you next to nothing. Instead of buying more serving trays at the store, make some with your kids.

You don’t need too many tools to make serving trays, and your kids will learn about some rare things like exposed joinery, pinned joints, decorative handles, and more.

44. Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter

This will look good in your interior and exterior spaces. It looks exquisite, yet it doesn’t cost much to make. It does require some technical processes; the cutting of the curve can be quite tricky for kids.

If you like mid-century designs, you will love this hanging planter. All you need to make one is some wood, screws, and tools. Kids should pay close attention to a project like this; there is a lot they can gain.

45. Wooden Door Sign

One of the projects that kids can handle by themselves – with adult supervision. Make a door sign from some short plank of wood joined together and write an interesting quote or a welcoming message.

Get creative with the writing and add designs that can make the door sign more appealing. Apart from teaching woodworking skills, a project like this encourages creative thinking.

46. DIY Wooden Arrows

DIY Wooden Arrows

These wooden arrows are hugely decorative. They can be made from leftover wood from other projects. Your kids will also learn a lot, particularly how to cut angles.

Use a beautiful polish on the wood to give it a perfect finish. You can hang these arrows is any space, and they can also be used outdoors.

Woodworking Tools for Kids

There are some tools and equipment you should have before you introduce your kids to woodworking. While kids will not be able to handle most of these tools on their own, they are required for these projects, and kids must know what each tool is needed for.


Not only for kids, but for anybody wanting to learn woodworking. It is not necessary that the workbench be grand. However, it must be wide enough to keep all the tools together and accessible when they are needed.   

Even if you have a standard workbench in your workshop, it is still a good idea to make a dedicated workstation for your kid.

Vices and clamps

When cutting wood, an adult has sufficient strength to hold a piece of wood with one hand and cut with the other (even though it isn’t safe to do so). Children, on the other hand, don’t have the strength to hold the wood in place and cut at the same time; for this reason, you should set up vices and clamps that your kids can use.

Even with vices and clamps, children still require help with the tightening. To prevent any form of movement, the vice should be tightened as much as possible.


These are quite dangerous to use, and you will have to work closely with kids when they use them. Sawing is more than just pushing the saw back and forth; there is a whole lot to learn before they can handle saws on their own.

Teach them how to start a cut, how to get through the wood, and how to stop the cut. After teaching the necessary things, give them easy cutting tasks and work it up from there. Kids don’t need expensive saws; there are good saws that come at affordable prices.


Another important woodworking tool. In general, parents are quite reluctant to let kids use hammers because they can cause serious damage to it. However, there is not much that can be done in woodworking without using a hammer. With supervision, kids can use hammers to some extent.

You can get small hammers from any hardware store or shorten the length of your wooden-handled hammers. Also, teach them how to swing and how to hit nails. You can start them off with small hammering assignments and practice with them as they get better.


To be safe with drills, use cordless drills with kids and not the mains powered ones. Cordless drills are not too powerful, and they can be handled by kids to drill holes and drive screws. Hand drills are not particularly good for children. However, older kids can still manage to handle them.

When kids want to use the drill, make sure the vice is holding the wood as tight as possible to avoid accidents.


You should also get screwdrivers for kids who are new to woodworking. While electric screwdrivers are more efficient, it may not be a good idea for kids to use them. A simple crosshead screwdriver will do.


Apart from the basic tools, there are some essential accessories you can’t do woodwork without. Some of these include pencils, glue, sandpaper, ruler, paint, brushes, and more.

Benefits of Woodworking in Kids

Although woodworking is a physical activity, it has some benefits that go beyond the physical in children. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It teaches perseverance
  • Helps to develop good motor skills
  • Helps with physical, emotional, and social maturation
  • Woodworking can help build positive self-esteem


These kids’ wood projects are some of the easiest and most exciting projects. When you take time out to work with kids on these projects consistently, they’ll get better with time, and eventually, they’ll be able to do projects without any assistance.

Also, we discussed some necessary tools for kids going into woodworking; try as much as possible not to improvise when teaching kids woodwork.

The benefits of woodworking in kids go beyond just physical benefits; it helps children mature emotionally, socially, and mentally. It is a great way to spend time with your kids, having fun and imparting skills at the same time.

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