Winter Mantel – Decorating For Winter

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year to decorate… so taking it all down is a real bummer for me. Things can seem so ‘empty’ and ‘blah’ once all of the glitter and lights are taken away… I think it’s a challenging time of year to decorate and I know I’m not alone. This year, however, I took a new approach to decorating after Christmas…


How do you decorate for Winter? Well… you keep out the baby firs, the snowflakes, the icicles, heck – even the snowmen. Anything that can be separated from ‘Christmas’ and be in the category of ‘Winter’.

I didn’t originally have these firs OR the snowflakes… but they were clearance Christmas items so I didn’t have to break the bank. Woo-hoo!

I also left out my mercury glass votives for a bit of sparkle!

To keep things from appearing ‘cold’ lean toward warm tones. My new Nate Berkus rug helps warm up the space along with my usual pillows.

Plaid is also perfect for this time of year!


The farmhouse table got a new look, too!

For the table I kept the wooden box and birch tea light holders I had there over Christmas – but I moved the hydrangeas I had on the Christmas tree in there, as well as flanked the candle holders on either side that were on my Christmas mantel. This look would work for fall, too – but for now it helps warm up the space and uses what I already have. I would love to have a runner here some day…

That’s it for my winter decorating in here! I hope you don’t mind how often I show this area of my home… renovations are slow in other areas of the house (Budget life, ya’ll!) but things are coming along. :)


I also suggest decorating with skis and ice skates to tie your decor in with the season – I have some skis on my front porch, and some skates hanging from a ladder along my staircase!

How do you decorate after Christmas without getting the post-holiday blues in your own home?

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