How To Create A Weathered Wood Finish

First of all, I want to say how incredibly sorry I am that I have not been as active with Nest of Bliss the past little while. The truth is I’ve been going through something very personal that I’m not quite ready to share at this time. Please know I have not forgotten you!

Onto a happier note, today I wanted to share with you my foyer table. It was built a little while back now, but I had never gotten around to staining it. I knew I wanted a weathered wood finish, and many staining options scared me as I thought they might not turn out exactly as I envisioned. I attempted to simply white-wash the table, but that wasn’t enough to offset the yellow tone of the pine.

Finally though, I selected a stain by Minwax called Weathered Oak – you may have heard of it! It’s fairly new, and I initially looked for the product in local stores in my area, but wasn’t able to find it. Thankfully, I was able to get the stain sent to me, as well as the Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner, which I had never tried before.

Prior to staining the table, I had already beat up the wood to creature texture & the look of age. You can read about my process in my tutorial on how to create the look of reclaimed barn wood.

After I cleared off the table and wiped down my surface, I used a plain, cheap paint brush to apply the Pre-Stain Conditioner. I ended up using two coats of this and was surprised to discover how glossy and protected in made the surface of the wood prior to staining! The instructions give you a timeframe in which you should stain after you apply this product, so make sure you have the time to come back & stain!

When the conditioner was completely dry, I then applied Minwax Weathered Oak stain. I applied this with a brush and did not wipe off any access. I prefer this method as I like the stain to fully penetrate the wood.

After the coat was dry, I went ahead and applied another. I found the more you layered this somewhat translucent stain, the more colour build-up you can acquire! I wanted a deeper grey-tone and this worked wonders!


Here’s how it turned out after the stain was dry

The stain created – in my opinion – the perfect weathered wood finish. It’s comforting knowing I didn’t have to put my table outside for a whole winter to achieve it!

If you have a beachy/coastal or country theme within your home, I would definitely recommend this process for a wood project you may have. :)

What do you think? Do you have a favourite stain technique?

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