DIY Sheet Music Mason Jar Candle

I know many of you have just celebrated Thanksgiving in the US, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday complete with family, friends, and lots of turkey! ;) The holiday season is officially now in full-swing! To help ring in the holidays, I’ve been creating a lot of easy festive DIY crafts (Such as Sheet Music Garland, and Glittered Pinecones!) for my home!

Today I’m going to show you how I made this DIY sheet music nason jar candle. These look so, so pretty at night and could work into your décor even after Christmas!

Here’s how you can do it at home!

You will need:

A mason jar (I used anniversary Ball jars)
Sheet music (preferably to do with ‘light’ or ‘bright’) or book pages… or even print something off online with a template.
Glue gun and glue sticks
Snow flake decoration (Or other festive decoration!)

Step 1) Cut your sheet music or book pages into even strips to adhere to your jar. A good method to getting them the same size is to fold a page to create folds to cut. Also be sure your words are sitting upright so they are readable.


Step 2) Hot glue the back of your pages and adhere them to your jar.

Step 3) Hot glue burlap bit by bit as you wrap it around the edges of your paper to create a boarder. Try to keep them close to each other to avoid any large gaps.

Step 4) Adhere your snowflake or decorative object to the front center of your paper with glue, and to finish off the look, tie a bit of the twine to the top of the lid


Step 5) (Optional) Fill with faux snow (or salt) and drop in your candle!


How incredibly easy was that? I think this project is perfect for small areas that need a little bit of festive cheer! This would also be a great gift for a candle-lover or someone who just loves jars!I hope you are all recovering well from your turkey-comas!


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