Coastal Artwork in the Dining Room

I hope you are all having a positive day, and are enjoying some nice Spring weather where ever you are!

Today I wanted to share a little update on my dining room. It’s been a while since I did any sort of update in this space, and that is partially because it is such a small area – so it can sometimes be a challenge to decorate. With a space such as this I can only really decorate the walls, table, and floor.

You may have noticed that my walls were pretty bare in this area… (as is the floor, but I have yet for find the perfect rug) that all stems down to the fact that I am incredibly picky when it comes to artwork… As you should be! Your walls are such an elemental part of a design scheme, and can change the entire feel of your space.

So when I came across this picture of some coastal artwork from a company called Distinguished Imports who offered to send me some of their products, I knew I found just what I wanted for my walls:

Coastal and neutral. Me through and through.

SO off went the order for the four paintings… It took over a month for them to get here – as the prints had to be made – but that was clarified beforehand. Being in Canada I was just happy to discover that the duty fees weren’t outrageous. For the four photos it came to $35.38. If you’ve ever been presented with one of those bills, sometimes it’s not very pretty!

When they finally arrived I opened the box right then & there and proceeded to hang them. (Does anyone else get this excited over mail?) The frames were absolutely gorgeous and covered in glossy glass.

The artwork is by Nantucket artist Kolene Spicher. To be honest I was torn between these photos and the beautiful bird paintings also found on their website… you know me, it’s if it’s coastal or birds I love it!

Adding artwork in here not only completes the room, but it helps to fill the room with a bit of my personality… that’s the best kind of decorating, don’t you think?


Now to go buy more shells to fill those vases… :)

Do you have any decor in your home that just screams “you”?

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